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When do they give and don’t give severance?

Just depends on position and how they classify it. If you're a corp/field employee and they restructure the teams and you end up laid off due to them eliminating your position, than you'll probably receive a severance package.

If you're a GM who has been placed on a 90 day PIP due to sales performance (~1,000 of them) and you don't achieve the 98% to sales than you'll face the possibility of being terminated, due to performance. If that happens, there won't be a severance package, since it's not due to eliminating your position, but rather terminating you and having you replaced.

Not my original post. This was posted by @Z4fmVVW-sjg on another thread. Even throw the topic on the original thread was similar, I just wanted to ask is this criteria always applied, and is it true that it works in this way?

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Payroll? How many in the high echelon even have a clue? We laborers no matter what level we are have no possibility of having our tasks and responsibilities being understood or even appreciated by those elite ranking high management who have never really worked doing what we do.

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Can you imagine the cost to train new managers? And the poor stores that won't have anyone who knows how to do payroll.

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Always? No. Nothing is ever guaranteed in business. Usually how it works? Yes. If an associate is being let go because their position is being eliminated (i.e. stores closing, restructuring, etc.) than they will typically receive a severance offer. There are usually guidelines surrounding the specifics (how long you've been with the company, if you were offered a different position, etc.) that could impact whether or not severance is offered.

However, if an associate is being terminated due to performance, than no, they likely won't receive a severance package. I've never known an associate who was terminated due to performance to be offered severance.

Of course, only HR and Legal will know for sure, when that time comes.

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