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Congrats UoP

From Provost:

"I am pleased to share with you the news that the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) Institutional Actions Council met recently to make a final decision regarding the outcome of our Comprehensive Evaluation that took place last year. The Council has reviewed the peer review team’s visit report and recommendations and has accepted the visit team’s recommendations, affirming that University of Phoenix continues to meet all criteria for accreditation with no interim monitoring."

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@Z4r1E2Y-6aqe, one of the problems is that regional accreditors like the Higher Learning Commission are supposed to provide oversight, but they don't. It boggles my mind why the other HLC members schools don't try to get these subprime schools excluded from membership. It makes the entire accreditation process seem like a sham.

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Cut the unfettered access of Title IV Federal student loans to these scam schools and they'll be just another fart in the wind.

Simple as that.

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@Z4r1E2Y-4wxs, no matter how "offended" a peer reviewer may be, I maintain that it's a low bar. But I'm not the only one who believes this.

What you’re saying, Camden, is highly offensive to any of the peer reviewers, most of which come from very traditional schools, asked lots of questions, and spoke with many students and faculty.

Shows that you have no idea how the HLC review process works. Not surprising, as all you spew is rumors anyways, hampered little by actual facts. Jerk.

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Wow. Looks like they accredit any chop shop school.

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Low bar...the fix was in...

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