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Salary Hike?

What is the average salary hike in Netapp? How much percentage increase have you received in previous years (please specific your base salary to compare the salary hike %)?

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Solutions Engineer

Year 1: $118K base, $157K OTE (Comm)

Year 2: $123K base, $164K OTE (Comm)

Year 3: $127K base, $169K OTE (Comm)

Year 4: $138K base, $184K OTE (Comm)

Year 5:$143K base, $190K OTE (Comm)

Year 6: $148K base, $197K OTE (Comm)

Still here after 7 layoffs but might not be here for much longer

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2 and half percent, if you survive the next round ...

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Role: Global Architect

Year 1: $180K base OTE $235K (Commission)

Year 2: $205K base OTE $260K (Commission)

Year 3: $205K base OTE $260K (Bonus)

Year 4: $217K base OTE $280K (Bonus)

Still employed waiting for the next layoff.

Any other questions?

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