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If you are still waiting for your payout, call SAP HR Direct

If anyone is still waiting for their payout you need to call SAP HR Direct. My last day was April 29 and my payout was in my bank account on May 15th. The only reason SAP could legally hold your payout is if you did NOT return SAP equipment. IT gave me a receipt of all my equipment I turned in before my last day. Good luck to all.

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If you are returning your laptop, please remember to delete everything first. IT was supposed to do that, but then they tell me they were told to hold the data for 2 week, then 2 weeks later, think they have other priorities.

I know we have PDPA and whatever, not sure it is implemented everywhere at same level of rigour.

Not that I have anything to hide.

Just asking all to watch your own back.

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SAP HR promised all impacted employees the Cobra info packet will be mailed within 8 to 10 business days of your termination date. Going on 20 days now. Cobra hotline informed me that if you need any pr-scrip-ions or medical you will have to pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed. They really have no idea how to treat long time employees with dignity and fairness. Billy McDoormat tried his NY Best to sell that BS but again he fails!

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Or if you are a verp’er who turned in your laptop before 5/1. There is a revised release you must sign. It was sent to my sap email. I only found out because I called to get payroll statements.

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