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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

IBM is now selling off complete business divisions.

IBM laid off so many people over the past 5 years.

Some these people ended up working at customers.

Others joined partners.

Some started their own IT shops.

They all return the favor.

SAP is no different.

Ex-SAP people will be every where SAP wants to sell.

They will sabotage and block quietly and effectively.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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SAP used to be integrated ERP.

Now is marketing bundling:

Leonardo is a market bundling name for all types of new technologies and some old rebranded tools. Nothing integrates.

CX is market bundling if multiple customer related cloud.

Digital procurement is market bundle of 3 disconnected solutions. I remembered the AE of Success Factors and Fieldglass were having their turf war. Concur is not sync with Success Factors or Fieldglass. Fieldglass is not integrated with SAP Plant Maintenance.

HR payroll solution is the same both on Cloud and on prem. But SAP tries to hide it and ask everyone to go to Cloud.

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Thanks for sharing your lay-off experience. With 1000+ recently departed SAP employees - does that make your sales role even more difficult?

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The diversity initiative at SAP is a real joke, the individuals that are involved in these programs don't have a clue what "diversity at workplace" means. Meanwhile, they are violating all kinds of rules when it comes to ensuring diversity specifically on age/gender discrimination. The ironic part is, they keep getting recognitions for promoting diversity at workplace - just like being the best employer ...

You have to be well connected if you want to get promoted at SAP because your performance doesn't mean much. Just take a look at the HR organization in Canada, some well connected individuals are getting promotions and getting sweet transfers (e.g. Madrid, Spain). The entire organization is full of corruption!!

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Gave Sap 5 very productive years. What a waste. My numbers were fantastic and I couldn’t get promoted. Not the right s-x and connections. SAP wants to be able to report great diversity numbers, that’s all. They don’t care about the real performers.

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I also heard of full expat relocation package for some secret lovers

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Lookup the head of HR SAP Dubai.

She came into SAP Dubai as a receptionist, then became someone's PA.

Now she's head of HR!!!


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Corruption is true. You see this SAP couples everywhere, manager promoted his secret team lover with big chunk of salary increase when they were under covered.

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If you want another example on how corrupt SAP is, just take a look at the HR organization. It is a female dominance organization and they all well protected by each other. If you are connected with the right individual, you'll be given sweet job titles and promotions regardless of your credentials. They are handing out these senior job titles like candies. Just take a look at the work history and experience of some of these HR professionals with VP and Director job titles. How the hell do you promote someone to a VP when this individual has minimal HR experience and no significant contribution to the company?

As mentioned before, someone should run a report on the HR organization and see how many Directors and VPs they have and how much money they are costing the company - the results will make you sick ...

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I work at SAP Dubai and I have to say I have never seen anything like this.

This place is like a family and friends club.

Fresh grads everywhere with no relevant background in technology!

Some even brag about being relatives and family friends with someone on the leadership team.

The sense of entitlement is appalling. They actually use their relationships as protection!

No knowledge or experience at all and we end up losing business because our reps have no clue.

I am already interviewing with a competitor right now and can't wait to get out of this Mafia business.

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When did SAP become corrupt? At the exact moment you left it?

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I guess you haven't been around long enough to get burned by SAP, just give it more time ... Let's wait and see how you feel when you get blindsided.

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I am surprised by all the negative comments. SAP is a business and it treats people better than all of the US companies i have worked at.

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I hear you.

We have a group of Ex-SAP people here.

They all hate SAP's guts.

We like to invite SAP reps to bid on tenders and we spit-roast them.

They still come back and get their asses kicked!

They must be getting really desperate.

SAP reps seem to be getting younger and less experienced.

They're totally clueless about technology.

They get hired because they know someone at SAP.

Many are family or relatives of big customers.

SAP is so corrupt, we enjoy humiliating them over and over and over.

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I am sure a lot of people feel the same way ... They have destroyed many individuals' dreams and career. Meanwhile, they are still getting Best Employer's awards - they must be paying someone to get these. The company is so fake and full of immoral individuals with sweet job titles (directors) and pay cheques ... Not sure how these people sleep at night.

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As long as I am still breathing, I will destroy and sabotage everyone and everything associated with SAP.

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i really like the post by @Z5KantY-btl

Stovepipe is a good description. It may even be too good a word as some of the apps are totally not linked and will take tremendous efforts since the underlying structure is so different for different apps.

SAP used to have a SAP Solution Composer. It is quite decent as it used to have solutions by major scenarios and kpi value tree. It is now no longer there since the apps do not integrate and they can tell a scenario as easily now.

I am glad I left SAP. The sales people spent their time answering to targets and kissing customer asses, that they ventilate by putting the rest of the team down. Only the a-- kisses survive.

I would say the same. I am with your partner now, SAP. And guess how I will return the favour for how you treated me for my years of service.

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SAP is not a person. The people who made the decisions that hurt you are unscathed and continue to fly around in company jets.

All you did was traumatize a poorly paid young person who didn't do anything to you.

Feel satisfied? You must be very proud of yourself.

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SAP laid me off in 2015 after the big Concur acquisition.

I was 47 and a top performer for several years making around $250K / year in salary + variable.

I was replaced by 2 fresh grads @ $30K each.

This year, one of them showed up at my company trying to sell us some consulting services.

The CIO (55) and myself (51) sat across the table from this 23 year old newbie and started to talk.

30 minutes later, the poor kid almost broke down into tears.

He got up quietly, turned around, and left the meeting room.

I heard he left SAP a month later.

I run tech procurement now.

SAP is unofficially blacklisted here.

As long as I am here, SAP will never make a dime.

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I left SAP in 2015.

I am now the apps manager in a large electronics manufacturer.

We get SAP reps from time to time bidding on tenders.

I always ask SAP for a POC.

I drag out the POC for as long as possible to maximize their cost and effort.

Then I kick them out.

SAP is the most corrupt company I have ever seen.

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I am an SAP sales rep and I run into ex-SAP people in my accounts frequently.

Customers and partners like hiring people from vendors.

Experienced people who get laid off by SAP tend to be bitter and hostile to SAP.

Not openly but I always feel they are scheming against SAP.

I usually disqualify out of these deals immediately.

It's a losing war.

I would rather fight elsewhere.

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IBM had over 5 years of negative growth lasting through 2018...not the best comparison to SAP, or even Oracle for that matter (since you posted the same exact thing over there).


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It's the same story everywhere. Big enterprise IT (SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc.) is dying. Too much focus on acquisitions, financial engineering, and marketing, no focus on innovation and new product development. I'm old enough to remember when the entire pitch around choosing ERP over "best of breed" was a data and process integration story, now the major enterprise software vendors are nothing but a conglomeration of stovepipe applications that don't integrate or even work in the same way that they've acquired over the last decade or so.

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