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Fluor needs management - not spin doctors

I have hope for the first time in years. Been watching inept "pretty boys and girls" with no intellect or even common sense getting away with STUPID and costly actions, but then later rewarded, promoted and greatly compensated. These incompetents then surrounded themselves with other id--ts who said what management wanted to hear. Meanwhile, Rome is burning.

The only way forward is to hold management accountable for the mis-steps, and to promote competent management forward. Focus needs to be on PROJECT EXECUTION, not reactive bean counting and expensive corporate initiatives that are just kingdom builders for the elites.

More work needs to be done domestically, and the global offices need to be coached and utilized effectively - instead of just throwing work over the wall and dealing with mistakes only long after the fact. Seaton and his ilk ruined the Fluor brand.

Fluor needs management - not spin doctors.

Excellent point by @YRniAdp-elfv.

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1 step forward...brittain....2 steps back...alexander

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That's it. All glimmer of hope dashed. id--ts and swarmy pricks are still in charge. Short lived revolution.

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Speaking of ineptitude, Alexander rewarded promoted and compensated. Still have that warm fuzzy Grunt? Or is it just heartburn?

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