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HR is tired of this rank and yank too

HR is tired of this rank and yank too... They do not support it, they just have to. The technical jobs in Boise really do not exist.

These supervisors who are handing out the low levels playing the puppet games are the ones who will get hurt the worst. They got used to that higher pay and the day they are let go money problems will be headed their way. Their time is limited, until a large company comes to the valley we are all in a lot of trouble.

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"So many people want to be victims"

Very, very, true johndoe!

The long terms who had plenty time to plan for it and continued to upgrade their homes are going to be sweating bullets until the last day comes. It could be 10 years from now but the planing should have started a very long time ago.

I recommend everyone start planing and downsizing NOW! The valley is being flooded with people who are not bringing jobs with them. They are here looking for work just as the people who are getting laid-off right now are doing.

It is very hard to find a decent job right now, if you are ok with making $16 an hour you will find a job no problem as they are everywhere. The technical jobs just are not here right now.

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Former 9 year equipment technician nonvictim. It was my own fault for staying at Micron as long as I did. The up side is that I have a higher tolerance for b---s---. MY NEW JOB showed me how sh--ty I actually had it at Micron...

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unless they (the supervisors) were smart and planned on their high paying tech job not being a forever thing and they used smart financial planning to be set. So many people want to be victims.

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