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Line Enhancement

FYI.... Altice who since buying Suddenlink and driving it straight into the ground. Is at it again. A increase to their already BOGUS “Line Enhancement Fee” Which will bring a already staggering tax/fees per customer to $28.50 per month. So for 1 tv w/dvr + Internet w/Unlimited Data and Home Phone. Your looking at $136.50 per mo. FOR NEW CUSTOMERS. lol. Any additional TVs are $10. So. An average of $155 per mo. for new customers. Good Luck!!!!

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And they wonder why customers are cutting cable !

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Since day one Altice has been running the company down to the ground, I think it will get to a point where no one else will buy us. Sad that they are depending on customers that cannot switch to another company. There will be a day all customers will have a choice and Altice will be in trouble.

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