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paycuts are disguised as raises

The recent change in the structure may look like a pay raise. But look at the recent changes more closely. For instance, the top tier for a security ambassador was 14.80 now it is 14.50. The managers were not fully aware of the changes, and most employees did not get notified. You will only keep the top tier of 14.80 if you had already met it before yesterday (in that example.) Just a heads up for those working at Nordstrom and are hourly.

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Employees just found out no raises through an email . So disappointing to many of us who had great performance reviews made are events huge increases on the year and have been with the company almost 20 years. Nordstrom is not the wonderful company they once were. So sad to see how they don’t value loyalty and hard work I will lose their best employees.

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Nordstrom is becoming soooo cheap. How do they expect employees to keep the magic of Nordstrom when they cheapen out on their own employees? As an 11 year employee I’ve had enough of this over the last few months, I’m certainly caring a lot less about this place. Nordstrom is doomed. I am giving them ten years before they become the next Mervyns.

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