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Purdue Global closing at least three ground campuses

Purdue University Global is closing at least three ground campuses, but that may not be enough to stem the bleedings. The closings are in Omaha, Nebraska and Cedar Falls, and Mason City, Iowa.

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Here are the faculty numbers at the Purdue University Global campuses from NCES 2016-17:

Augusta, Maine (469 students, 7 full-time instructors, 16 part-time instructors)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (470 students, 4 full-time instructors, 14 part-time instructors)

Davenport, Iowa (33,287 students--includes all online students, 320 full-time instructors, 1,590 part-time instructors)

Urbandale, Iowa (760 students, 14 full-time instructors, 64 part-time instructors)

Hagerstown, Maryland (564 students, 3 full-time instructors, 1 part-time instructor)

Indianapolis, Indiana (603 students, 0 fulltime instructors, 4 part-time instructors)

Lewiston, Maine (627 students, 3 part-time instructors, 9 part-time instructors)

Lincoln, Nebraska (296 students, 4 full-time instructors, 18 part-time instructors)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (346 students, 0 full-time instructors, 3 part-time instructors)

St. Louis, Missouri (327 students, 0 full-time instructors, 3 part-time instructors)

Saint Louis and Milwaukee are also running on fumes. Each campus has 3 part-time instructors and no full-time instructors.

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