Thread regarding International Game Technology layoffs

Are there layoffs happening?

Curious to hear what you all have been hearing.

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I get raises every year. Oh we signed up with the cwa union. :-)

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When you don't get a merit increase for years on end, leave. Pretty simple. Note* I said it's simple, not easy.

The word Dignity. Look it up.

If you earned a raise and you don't get one, one must ask, "Why am I working for a company that does not respect me?" Good question. I'll tell you why. Because you don't value and respect yourself. If you don’t, then why should they?

Hint: It is YOU that sets the table for the meal you willingly eat, NOT THEM. Are you the type that accepts rotted meat in your sandwich at a restaurant?

Perspective: Let’s pretend they gave you a dollar an hour raise. You typically work 40 hours, so that's $40 a week. That amount isn't going to break their budget, no matter how much they scream they can't afford it. Think about that. That's $8 a day. 1 measly dollar an hour. You aren’t worth that? Seriously, they can't afford $40 a week? I say, they CAN afford it because the amount of money LOST to on-board another employee, training costs, ramp up time for the 'new guy', lost product quality, and target production goals missed, vastly outweigh the cost of $1 an hour/$40 a week, and you get there by being an employee who said NO, do better, I earned it. After all, they are ALWAYS asking you to do more/better, why isn't that a two way street?

I’ll tell you why- because you don't make it that way. Oh sure, you busted your hump. But do you really think that matters in this? Yes it does, but they are ‘gaming you’.

And they know that, but YOU forget that fact every time you sit down with them in your performance review and you accept that hogwash of "oh, raises are not so good this year, maybe next year." And that is not once, but year after year. You starting to see the real problem here?

Fact: no serious Manager thinks you believe their tired old line of 'we can't afford it' c r a p. But they do know if you accept it, they are 'off the hook' for another year.

Question is: are they off the hook?

The answer to that question is entirely up to you.

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Same here mates, no one legacy igt side did in 2015, they pushed it from December to April of 2016. We got a raise in lieu of taking our bonus's away in April 16 and some got merit, but not everyone. And no merit since then. So ya, nothing in 15, 16,17,18 in terms of merit. The impression I'm receiving is this is most people at least on the legacy igt side. Anyone get a merit those years? Looking at sci games on here, same story. The entire industry is in shambles, it's a shame.

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Wow. You haven't had a raise since 2015? That means you didn't earn one in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, right?

The real question is- is 'Donkey' your nickname and is Shrek your Boss?

"Donkey, you cannot have a raise."

"Aw, c'mon man, please, please, pullllleeeeze?"

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If you can't see your way past being an employee for the rest of your life, you're going to have to accept lousy working conditions and pay; but, you have the power to change your life, just quit.

Every time you say 'I can't..." you place another lock on the chain to your soul.

Seriously, do you really think quitting that dump is going to k--l you? Well, is it?

It's people like you that hang around, tolerating that no raise nonsense, that give them the guts to NOT give others raises. Think about that.

if you were so valuable, they'd pay you because you wouldn't hesitate leaving if they didn't.

But your masters think- if YOU accept it, why wouldn't others?

imagine this: an employer delivering pay boosts based on your VALUE AND MERIT, not longevity.

Newsflash slick, you're not working for a government agency wherein their employee mindset and stock in trade is to simply breathe long enough to get to another raise.

That's right. The typical DMV drone managed to remain UPRIGHT from one calendar day to the next?? Seriously? Thankfully most of life isn't run like the DMV.

It seems to me that if you cannot, or will not, see your way out the door, you have little to no respect for yourself. That means you really don't need to do much. Just plod along like a good little field worker, or you could actually declare your freedom day.

Only people with no self-respect tolerate this no raise in 4 years BS.

So is it today?

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How about raises? I haven't had one since 2015.


You only have one life. Do you understand how important that is?


10 years from now, when you look back at the day you asked this question (doing whatever you will be doing), will you shake your head in disgust and wonder why you stayed at a dead end job and didn't simply quit because you didn't get a raise for four years?

Time to move on. You truly are not doing yourself any favors staying there. When raises do not come for years on end, you're the problem, not them.

Please don't get me wrong; yes, they should have done something by now. That really s---s when they systematically neglect or abuse you. I have known of some in your predicament.

If I worked with you I'd talk with you privately and ask, "why are you still here?" Seriously, why? Why aren't you working to clear the roadblocks that prevent you from leaving?

Think about this. if you have tolerated that c-ap for that long, then you should examine why you even work there.

This goes for ANYONE that has stuck around to be neglected and abused by ANY corporation.

Truth: You are not 'stuck'.

You are simply experiencing fear based existence which can appear to be stubbornness. if you continue this way of living for years, it appears to all that you refuse to go elsewhere to get a raise, or at least work for someone else, ANYONE else but these people.

Right now, the job market is such that anyone breathing can find work, if you look. It's been that way for several years. Yep, I get it if you were talking back in the cr*p economy of nearly a decade ago.

Ok, I know what I'm saying isn't pleasant, but it's the truth. Four years and no raise is on you. But you can solve this problem here and now. Walk up to the supervisor, today, hand them a note stating my last day is today. Simple. trust me, the rest will take care of itself.

Then go and have a beer, sit with 'you' and plan out your next moves. Listen, this isn't s--c-de, it's simply a life changing decision, and I know you not only WANT to do that, you NEED to do that. But you knew that, didn't you?

Lastly, NEVER again work for any corporation that has no path to better pay, opportunities AND promotion. ASK before you hire on!!!

As you have experienced, (we all have) places like that drain your soul, no matter how their marketing departments package their toxic work environment.

I'm not going to apologize for my statements. Yes, they are tough, but everyone of us have been where you are, or will be, at some point in our lives.

As human beings, we can be a bit surely at times. But know this: we will be treated as we allow others to treat us. Stop letting them treat you this way. That is what I mean by 'this is on you.'

I wish you well, and earnestly hope you solve this situation. Your actions will make your life better, and as you can see, inaction makes it worse.

This goes for all of you, and of course, me.

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Quarterly. How about raises? I haven't had one since 2015.

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