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Anyone believes the higher management of this company is actually corrupt?

Anyone with a pair of eyes, after spending few years with the company, should be able to see the following:

  • There is a consistent push towards shoving the same Partner/Reseller/Distributor down everybody's throat. Ever wondered why? Ever asked who actually owns these shadow companies and who are they partnering with?

  • There's a consistent pattern of always hiring the same profile of people within higher and middle management. Usually incompetent but happen to be very close friends with top management. it's also a pattern that these people are promoted regardless of how much value they actually give back to the company. To understand more, I invite you, if you haven't done so already, to look those people up. Find out their previous work experience, how they actually come to know each other, you'll see the pattern.

  • the reason why these people almost have to be very close friends to higher management who have been very carefully and purposefully selected, is simply to guarantee their loyalty and be willing to not only turn the blind eye to the very obvious 'conflict of interest' evidence, but to actually help the Big Boss with their personal corrupt agenda.

  • For the Big Boss, or Bosses, to ensure the above works as planned, this automatically means that you don't have a slight chance of a bright future or growth in this company if you express any of the following symptoms:

  • You have a mind of your own and happen to have some opinion about things.

  • You are willing to ask questions like who, why, how, etc.

  • You are willing to make this company a better place by actually looking at the issues.

  • You're not just doing as you're told.

Rest assured if you happen to meet the above description, you will be faced with either complete neglect, or you're at risk of being sent off at the first chance.

The above is not some theory. If you look carefully, and try to connect the dots, you might end up seeing the elephant in the room. Actually, this corrupt group of people, that happen to be running the company, are dumb enough to leave evidence in plain sight, of course visible only to the people who are willing to open their eyes.

If you happen to agree, please +1 or up-vote this thread.

God Bless the intelligent, hard-working people of this company who are very bravely still trying to survive. To you guys, I wish you the best.

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The Executive/VP level is driven by 2 things and nothing else:

  1. Who's actually willing to take the job

  2. Who the "Big Boss" knows, trust, and whom the "Big Boss" believes has the necessary experience

That's it. I'm speaking from experience.

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The faithful employees know nothing about Avaya Grey Market Sales/Support and how profit is being eaten up by partners. This is the main cause of concern and for the Fall of Avaya. And you can blame it to nobody but these are insiders with strong leadership support.

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Yes of course, this website is infected with corporate spies and industrial saboteurs.

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These all seem to be comments by competitors trying to promote Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) for customers, etc. You are wasting your time, so go find something else to do that might be useful.

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Here we have it. Someone who cares, or cared, at one time about Avaya who makes a great observation which is correct in a lot of ways. Respondents who obviously are Avaya middle managers give him the thumbs down and call it B.S. or call him a troll. This is the Avaya problem he references. Many people at Avaya are clueless and for some reason think they are doing a great job yet the company has shrunk from a 6 billion dollar a year company ten years ago to one with a market cap of 1.3 billion today. At this point Avaya is past life support and its only a matter of time before it is sold off and is just another note in Wikipedia and in the dust bowl of telecom history.

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Not corrupt. You cant learn this in school. They just don't understand how an organization should be structured, what processes should be in place and, what solutions customers are clamoring for to be successful in today's marketplace.

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