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Reporter looking to talk about older employees being let go


My name is Margaret Carmel and I am a reporter from the Idaho Press. I recently published this article on cuts at Micron and am working on a follow up.

I saw posts about older employees being asked to leave the company. If you are affected, or can tell me more about it i would love to talk with you either on the record or anonymously. If you're interested, send me an email at [email protected]

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Micron is a piece of sh– company. Durkan is the reason. There is a special place in hell for him and his cronies. Do not ever go to work for this company you will be miserable and its the only game in you will be miserable, jobless, homeless and divorced. That is what micron is all about.

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Wow, seems this person has very specific information on micron's severance agreements.... also seems very keen on scaring anyone into not talking to the press

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If your employer has offered a severance package they may have mentioned “a document” that you will need to sign to access your separation benefits. Let’s pause, take a deep breath and examine this “Separation Contract” document. This is a legally binding contract. It probably covers two key performance requirements and describes a penalty for violation.

NON-DISCLOSURE: Typically termination packages require you to agree to not discuss or disclose ANY of the terms of the contract to ANYONE other than your legal representative. If there is no time limit described in the document, this is for the rest of your life. Not your spouse, family, facebook friends...A-N-Y-O-N-E…..E-V-E-R!!!

NON-DISPARAGEMENT. Typically termination packages require that you never disparage the company or any co-worker, vendor, competitor or business practice, company policy, etc., etc., etc. EVER to ANYONE….and unless some limit is included, that’s for the rest of your life!

If you blow it and drunkenly type a rant on FaceBook about your A-hole former manager, the company may be allowed by the contract to claw back all of the cash and benefits you acquired by signing the separation contract.

Now examine yourself. If your ire at the company is so deep that you probably will not be able to refrain from b--ching about them for the rest of your life, you better just walk out the door without signing anything and without accepting any separation benefits.

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