Thread regarding Tesla, Inc layoffs

Our numbers continue to slide

Source below. This is all based on Glassdoor data, so take it with a grain of salt. I would not be surprised if folks with Short positions are manipulating this to an extent, but I also feel that there is a real problem happening as well.

At jobs site Glassdoor, Tesla’s overall company rating fell to 3.2 out of 5.0 stars based on reviews written in the first quarter from a high of 3.6 in 2017, according to historical data compiled by Glassdoor at Reuters’ request. The average rating of the nearly 1 million employers reviewed on the site is 3.4.

In the first quarter, Elon Musk’s CEO approval rating dropped to 52% from 90% in 2017.

Tesla’s “recommend to a friend” rating fell to 49% in the first quarter from a high of 71% two years prior, the Glassdoor data showed.


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Glassdoor is the door to a Tesla job during so-called hiring freezes

There has never been a hiring freeze at giga 1;

Too many people perpetually quit.

Overtime is asked for or demanded 10 out of every 12 months in nearly all departments.

Many can't transfer to other departments because overtimers are filling the spots they could fill, and doing so at $28+/hour, yet the departments paying out all that extra cash cry wolf about being shorthanded, since they have OT help at s premium until those overtimers burn out and quit, or stop working OT for a month

Tesla wastes cash like no other. Even the USPS and the late Fannie Mae would blush

Elon incessantly lies concerning cutting costs. He's so FOS.

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It's been a tough year

This is an understatement

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This decline parallels the decline seen in Tesla's reputation in Norway, the world's most advanced EV market. Tesla is now ranked the WORST car brand in Norway. It's been a tough year. Production Hell, Delivery Hell, Service Hell, Repair Hell. And Layoff Hell. Now money is so scarce that it's hard to fix things. We can't very well open tons of new Service Centers of pay huge employee bonuses or give endless courtesy repairs. So we're stuck with the reputational damage until we get some more money up in here.

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