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We need to address things like these at B&N

This is one of the comments on the article posted in a thread below - this is exactly the kind of feedback we need to a) receive and b) work on addressing if we are planning to turn this company around.

Daunt has the right idea. One of my critique groups met at a local B then in January 2015, the new manager kicked us out because she didn’t want her staff to have to provide folding chairs and three tables for our twice-a-month meetings. Since we restacked everything after each meeting, this amounted to about 40 minutes a month. In exchange, our group of 20-24 aspiring writers spent about $1200/year on food and drink at the store’s Starbuck’s cafe and about $4000/year on other merchandise (books, magazines, reference books, and Christmas presents). We were told that hosting writer’s groups were not part of the B&N business model.

I contacted the B&N customer services department to find out if it would do any good to approach a different B&N bookstore. At first, the regional manager was sympathetic, but then she reiterated the manager’s position. So no, we weren’t welcome at other B&N stores.

We moved our meetings to a Wild Flower Bread Company, but to this day none of our members who were part of our group in 2015 will shop in that B&N, and most of us now patronize Amazon or independent bookstores. Bottom line? B&N gave about $5000 of steady, annual business to Amazon. They also lost the loyalty of 24 to 30 regular patrons. Their behavior is symptomatic of companies who lose their focus on retaining and building customer loyalty. I’m not surprised that B&N stock has lost value. I hope they do better under new management.

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The poor decisions have lost a lot of customers. Friends and family of all those fired last year no longer shop there. No change in ownership is going to undo the damage done.

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It's too late.

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