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UTI treats you like a kid

I was as student at UTI Norwood in 2010-2011. I have to say I learned a lot from that place I still regularly use the course books to look up information that have some cobwebs on it. I have done well and make 75k a year. However, my experience at the school was not the best. I went in 2 years after high school and had lived on my own, traveled, and went to college first. I was expecting a school that teaches professionalism as part of its curriculum to be similar to a college type setup. I mean if you want to be here and pay $40,000 its up to you to succeed. Instead the school handholds the people that act up and do not pay attention. The people who do pay attention and really want to be there and learn are held back by the people who don't because the teachers spend the whole time coddling and playing high school teacher. I got between a 90-100 on every test both in class and lab but was constantly being pestered by teachers and education managers who wanted to nit pick if I needed to take a phone call outside the building or leave a bit early to go to work when all of my lab work is done. College was really a sink or swim experience and they treated you like an adult. UTI treats you like a kid so they produce immature people that don't have a real sense of how to make it in the work force. Let me tell you what. The length of your hair, wearing a hat, and living you life by a bell schedule does not teach you how to be succesful in the the field. Instead is forces the smart people who want to do well and be treated like adults somewhere else and that is why there is such a huge shortage of good technicians.

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