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Analyzing B&N's Health

  1. Sales are worse than ever and brick and mortar stores can't seem to improve that, no matter what junk they keep bringing in.

  2. People don't read like they used to and if they hear about something they want- they go online.

  3. There hasn't been a huge "must have title" since the last Harry Potter and to a lesser extent Michelle Obama's book

  4. There is nothing you can put in the store that will attract new customers or to get disgusted regular customers back.

  5. Bigger stores will have to go unless they get a huge rent deal and smaller stores with a staff less than 10 will be the new normal and that's only IF the few people who shop stores keep buying there.

  6. You'd have to be a real id--t to think you'll be promoted. This truly is a temporary job now for students and people looking to get some extra cash. And that's only if you can stand how badly they treat you.

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It’s not just that people “don’t read anymore “. Barnes & Noble has made some poor decisions and the customer has felt the blunt of it. Full timers fired. Hours on the floor cut. Customer service has suffered. And it does not matter who buys it , The damage has been done. I know several people who won’t step foot in Barnes & Noble ever again. And me, I don’t blame them.

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