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Do not become a manager for this company. Once you start making over what they consider the "position value" they will do ANYTHING to get rid of you, even with over a decade of dedicated service. Useless district managers try to manage by intimidation to make up for their lack of business acumen, stating that unreasonable (and ever-changing) goals are "non-negotiable." If people don't want to buy stuff the don't want...

Terrible Place to Work

I worked at Barnes and Noble in Reno, NV as a Warehouse Clerk. I'm of Hispanic decent, however, I was shocked and utterly surprised that the supervisor would conduct her morning meetings in Spanish when there were obviously other workers who were not of Hispanic decent and did not understand the language. I found it highly offensive. This facility seems to have a bias in hiring Hispanics. There were maybe a handful of workers who did not understand the language and who were not of Hispanic descent. I felt terrible for them because they would ask what was said in the meeting. It also felt like a prison. During our orientation, we were given a clear fanny pack to use to carry our belongings in because security will check your bags when exiting the metal detectors, which you also have to go through to get to your station. There is a bell that goes off for each break, which also make you feel like a prisoner. The break rooms are a distance away from your work area, so you have to make sure to rush to get a bathroom break and quickly eat your meal because if you do not get back in time, you are being talked to. I absolutely not recommend this place unless you are absolutely desperate.


This job is essentially high school with adults. The management honestly believes they are the cast of mean girls. There is definitely a culture of a weird type of bullying that is masked as the management staff pretending to be your friend. If you s--- up to them you will be well-liked. If you show up to do your job that isn't good enough. You must befriend management to have a positive experience in the union square store.

Dont Bother

Management was horrendous. Sure, it's great to work here if you have no other option. At least, this is true for the Huntington Beach Branch in CA. It is clear as to why, Barnes and Noble is dying.

The store in ridgecrest was small. At a glance one would think it would be a nice inviroment but the office lady made spiteful comments to me and directed to to me because my glasses were thick and it took me a little longer at times to find the screw numbers or names of books. Her rudeness made what I thaught would be a pleasant work inviroment streful and I ended up quitting because her rudeness made me feel bad about myself because I know I have to wear glasses, but no one likes likes to be poked fun of or be the center of jokes behind ones back. As a book store- I like the store in Glendale but the store in ridgecrest was small minded and a real bed sore.

Wouldn’t even recommend to someone I hated

I highly disliked this job due to the managements unwillingness to listen to employees issues. Such an unorganized management team. The pay s---s and my little brother who worked at Bojangles in my middle of nowhere town even made more per hour than I did. You may get assigned to one position for a certain day, but you will be working all positions because “someone was sick” or “no one else wants to”. I even contacted the corporate office concerning the ridiculous mess that my store was and they offered 0 help. Never work there unless you’re ready to be payed a fraction of what you’re owed for the work you do and to be screamed at for not doing a job that isn’t your responsibility.

Terrible management

This is was the worst job I ever had. They took advantage of how hard I worked by refusing to respect my time and refusing to pay me more. I hesitate to even shop at Barnes & Noble anymore.

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“I hesitate to even shop at Barnes & Noble anymore“

I didn’t “Hesitate “ I vowed NEVER to give BN a penny , ever again, and have not !

Don’t hesitate! DONT SHOP THERE !

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There are still witches still in New England.

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“The management honestly believes they are the cast of mean girls.”

😂 must be everywhere! I know it’s that way in TN !

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