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Cognizant bench policy


As of June 2017, the following timelines are strictly followed in US

-> The releasing project manager has to provide 2 week notice period to the employee before release. During which time the associate will be in “Practice Deployable Pool” (PDP)

-> At the end of PDP period, the associate is moved to Corporate Deployable Pool(CDP). The associate gets 2 weeks in CDP.

-> At the end of second week without a assigned billable project, the associate needs to make a choice. The choice depends where he/she was hired

India Hire:

-> Associate can request India transfer. The GWFM team automatically book tickets to India in 3rd week.

-> Associate can request an additional 2 weeks of time for project search. At the end of 2 weeks, he/she will have to resign.

US Hire:

-> No India transfer option. The associate has to resign after 4 weeks in CDP, without a billable project

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What does it mean by the employee 'has to resign' after being in the CDP pool for 4 weeks? Isn't that employee eligible for unemployment if another job has not been offered to them? Aren't they instead laid off or let go?

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Atleast this is transparent in cognizant, other Indian IT services companies like Tech M , Infosys ,wipro u dont even know what will happen to you and why and how.

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