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Oh, do I have a story for you... (Edited to remove sensitive content)

The place lays off people on a regular basis after having large sweeping hiring sprees...

The place was a cesspit of nepotism, m-r-j-a-a, and workers rights violations. They cut back on employees bathroom breaks, taking them out of their break time. People who due to car issues were unable to come to work would be openly discussed by the site manager for all to hear as they were dressed down, threatened with summary termination and openly berated. Medical conditions would be either flatly ignored or brushed off and told to file FMLA or receive occurrences for time missed and unable to make it up, and if time wasn't there yet to make up FMLA they demanded filing ADAAA and if not they were subject to "corrective action up to and including termination". Mandatory overtime even when people couldn't make it. staying open regardless of whether there was a hurricane or not. and the incompetence of the staff was legendary... Never ever ever go to this company unless you have a lot of time and money on your hands and you have problems being too happy, fulfilled, confident, and overall sane.

Bedbugs infestations were common, the only cleaning staff who came in emptied trash and cleaned the bathrooms. The carpet was filthy, with body fluid stains in it for the 4+ years I was there, and a patch of walkway downstairs which would bow and shift under my feet as I walked over it. It was a safety hazard that was never addressed. The supervisors are allowed to eat at their desks, use their cell phones, listen to music, and watch youtube, but if any employee does it, it's a verbal warning, a write-up, and a final, and then a termination.

I can't believe what happened there. I was there in the days when it was ACS/Xerox. Things were lax but they weren't bad. Conduent came and everything collapsed into a never-ending bad trip of perdition and suffering where every single minute was to be recorded in a "segment tool" installed on our computers and tied directly to our telephone software. Before going to the bathroom you had to put in a segment, if you had to take a phone call, you had to file a segment, but because you had your cell phone on you you were summarily terminated for violating HIPAA. They even had a cell-phone detector they would randomly sweep through the aisles, pick unlucky people who had a phone in their pocket, and walk them right out!

Racism run rampant with favoritism of one color over another and enforced by nepotism and the bond forged when all the supervisors would gather out at the parking deck and smoke weed.

What was at first a great time turned into my worst nightmare. Nobody should ever work there again. It deserves to be shut down completely. Aetna is partly responsible, their "walk-throughs" were just them moving by while surrounded in a veritable cocoon of site supervisors and team leads who kept the client's attention on them and off of the employees.

psychopaths work there too, harassing people who are too afraid to speak up because they need their jobs. . . I could go on and list the many more ways they violated my dignity as a human and it would turn your stomach. I was nearly driven insane by my time there, and I'll never look back. I still have nightmares and was diagnosed with PTSD due to my time there. For God's sake, don't let your friends or family work here.

To show an example, here's an email sent to us (not classified, of course)

"Hello to everyone.

I need to address a few issues.

Since we are now kind of a combined under one Super Team under me for a little while.

I wanted to make this very clear. If you have questions or issue or concerns, on any issue , your 1st need to address that with your team leads FIRST

[Team Lead #1 Name] and [Team Lead #2 Name]. Not me.

I have been a crutch for some of you all but, going forward, I need for everyone to start researching , in E-policy read and type out and your document notes when they are on the call with the members.

I have been seeing too many agents being in ACW, submitting PCW segments for things that should be handled while you are on a call with the member.

[Team Lead] starts a chat with the team every morning team and [Other Team Lead] starts the chat in the evening team .

I need for everyone to be in the chat, No excuses. If you are not in it. I will be coming to discuss with you why you are not in.

The chat is used for the team to ask questions, We have to many people leaving their desk, to ask questions coming to me, or to team leads, and you are not doing the research.

This has got to stop. If you do not have access to something, please make that is known to your team leads, and they will relay that to me.

There are many agents, that I have observed that are coming to me asking the same questions over and over. And they should know some of the material that they are asking me about.

So this is my polite way of saying, there are going to be times , when I will be handling , some other important things and I may not be available. so I will be pushing back and asking you to reach out to your team lead for help. ( So my reply to you , when you come to me, will be have to submitted in the chat? Have you research it? ,Have you spoken with the team lead about it? If not. What do you think I am going to say? …

Also , I have sent out communication to everyone before in the chat, but if you are taking a rest room breaks, and it’s before your normal break. Guess what that’s will be part of your break time! And if you used the entire 15 mins in the rest room for whatever reason. That is your break time, you do not get another break. We have to many people getting off the phone period and that has to stop. I will be monitoring this.

So going forward, please address all questions in the group chat, unless your lead is not here or on a call, then I will be available to assist on a limited basis.

These next few weeks are going to be critical.

Next going forward- I do not want to see - Any bags, pocket books, Book bags, Totes, food, snacks, or drinks not in a non- spill proof cup on the production floor will not be allowed on the production floor.

We have everyone assigned lockers now, so all personal items, will need to be in the lockers. All foot rest under the desk will be remove, unless there is a medical need or accommodations required for you to have one.

Oh and last but certainly not the least. Cell phones on the production floor are prohibited by agents. We are enforcing this policy, It cannot not be in your pocket, on the floor, under a keyboard, etc. none of that.

Only the Supervisors, team leads, trainers, Workforce and the quality team have been allowed to have them with approval from management. So if you are caught with a phone on the production floor. It will be an immediate corrective action.

We are also going back to the Business Causal no jeans, sneakers, etc. Monday- Thursday. Friday and Saturday will be dress down days. I don’t have to explain all of the types again/ so If you are not in compliance you will be sent home to change or find appropriate attire.

We will also enforce the clean desk policy as well. So you all know what cannot be on your desk, so I am not going to go back over any of those things either.

Any questions or concerns, I will be happy to address them with you , when we are doing corrective actions for those that are not in compliance.

The team leads and I will also being doing a walk through about 6 times during the day from now on, so don’t let that be you.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

[Name Redacted]

Customer Service Supervisor

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  1. M. G. !! I am appalled at that letter from a “customer service” manager. Did anyone contact Ethics department? Or something similar??? Isn’t there help while working in a hostile environment??
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Wow.... things are getting worse. I knew they would but hearing how people are being mentally abused hurts my heart. IT IS AN EMPLOYEE MARKET out there. Get out of the sinking ship!

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The Boca Raton location just announced big layoffs too. It was disgusting there. The toilets overflowed into the hall, kitchen, and production floor. Was never cleaned for 2 years !! Major OSHA and employment law violations. The fire alarms are disabled and emergency doors locked. Could not evacuate during a building fire nor did not know the whole building was evacuated and standing in the parking lot until someone looked out the window! We could have burned to death. Reverse discrimination, harassment, manager bulling, nepotism as well. Virtually no HR presence and upper leadership roles just don't care. What a joke. This is a corporate Titanic. Do Not Work for this company unless you want to work over excrement stained carpet, poorly functioning old computers, and burn to death. American equivalent of Mumbai sweat shop.

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The way you put it they must treat their workers like sh-- so they can earn a profit!

That's Total BS: 10+ levels of managers and directors above are getting their bonues, stock options and are sending everything offshore, terminating 401k for U.S. workers but not for execs though.

They sure know how to treat themselves and their insider friends and extended family via 3rd party oursourcing contracts.

Exterminating the offices and cleaning the carpets are going to hurt "profits" ???

What a load of Sh--

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Call centers are always hell, in every company, ever.

It just so happens that this company runs many call centers on behalf of their clients.

As an outsourcing provider they need to cut all possible costs in order to turn a profit. Pair that with low-bidding contracts to boost new contracts and resigning rates (for the investor vital statistics) and the work environment and staff expectations can be just as described.

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