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Layoffs after Anniversary Sale?

That would be the time to do it, especially if there are any problems with the web store, or if the sale underwhelms.

I bet Nordstrom could cut 1,000 from Technology alone and not even miss them. 2H 2019 should be brutal to the core business, they should get ahead of it now by planning for a massive layoff.

Anyone in tech making over $200K needs to be out the door first. Nothing you do is special. You are completely commodified, expandable, and replaceable.

Leave it better than you found it. Time to clean house.

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Are not the majority of the company completely commodified,expendable and replaceable?

A top your high horse you may seem above the rest, until you get off your high horse. Lol

If they get rid of 1000 in technology, What do you think getting rid of a few upper and lower mngmt would be missed more? Lol People ringing up sales are taking your positions. Well before you try to offer others as a sacrifice. You just might be sacrificed too.

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