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No way that will happen...

I remember at a Reed Elsevier/Harcourt/TPC 2007 town hall gathering announcing we were up for sale and someone in the crowd asked "What are the chances of our competitor (Pearson) buying us?"... Response was, "Not going to happen, that would be a monopoly on the education system and that will not happen." Well, guess what - it happened! Pearson has sunk to the bottom bringing Harcourt/PsychCorp down with her... 3 once thriving American companies now lost forever. Question: Why would America let a London base company be in charge of our America education system?

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That question is hysterical for out of touch it is. Yeah, a dying content company runs the entire education system. Also, a single middle-class tax payer is at fault for the budget not being balanced.

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That question is hysterical for out of touch is it.

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