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Accenture Restructure

What are your thoughts? I know we restructure every September but this one seems to be a big one - P&Ls are shifting, it's a tectonic shift indeed. Some things that we implement this year will have a long lasting impact on how Accenture operates for decades to come - the face of consulting is changing, the way how technology is consumed is changing, we have to evolve - but is this the right way to go about it.

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What is the change?

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I am not sure what’s going on but let me chime in.

I was with Accenture from 2005 to 2014, I was on the consulting side.

We’d have some kind of reorg every year, and there would be a bigger reorg every two years.

A major reorg would come every five to six years.

That’s my experience, things might have changed recently but that was the mantra since 1990s.

I am not sure what the scope of the current change is but it looks like it’s a major one and things will change for everyone – just hang in there and if you are client facing, focus on the client – you should be fine.

Let the partners play the partner game, they shuffle the deck and jockey for positions – for client facing folks this is not that important as the project and what you do on the project is what matters – so, keep eye on the ball and good luck.

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