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Accenture Restructure

What are your thoughts? I know we restructure every September but this one seems to be a big one - P&Ls are shifting, it's a tectonic shift indeed. Some things that we implement this year will have a long lasting impact on how Accenture operates for decades to come - the face of consulting is changing, the way how technology is consumed is changing, we have to evolve - but is this the right way to go about it.

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Yeah, @3grdh VERY nicely sums it up - we'll know more in March but this reorg is more than our typical annual rearranging of deck chairs

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The re-org isn't about Symantec (small). Strategy and Interactive didn't come together.

Strategy and Consulting combined. Digital rebrands as interactive (with small scope shifts). Operations and Technology remain.

The major shift is reducing the predominance of Industry as the go-to-market view. Most industry lead roles disappear. Almost all global roles disappear. Geography and 'function' (or the old service lines) appear to be driving things. Client centricity remains at the account level and client account leads remain important.

It appears Partner Levels 1 - 3 will be most impacted and 'thinned out'. More adjustments in March to be announced it seems.

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i left in 2017, see this board is flaring up - was there a reorg announcement recently or is this solely due to the acquisition of Symantec's cyber security consulting group?

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Strategy combining with Interactive does not seem intuitive to me.

Strategy doesn’t compete with MBB and separating it from tech, consulting, ops and digital doesn’t currently work. Maybe not interactive but some change needs to happen.

The guess about going digital is based on numbers and industry trend.( I heard digital accounts for 50% revenue? With 10% employees? )I think majority of business’ are now digital and separating tech, strat and ops from digital is strange when there’s digital strategy, ops, and tech.

Current business model has inefficiencies and duplication in groups across the business.

I just think these changes can help branding and combine groups currently duplicated. What do you think? Obviously just speculating haha

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There is your restructure for Symantec right here:

Accenture to Acquire Symantec's Cyber Security Services Business
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What is the change?

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I am not sure what’s going on but let me chime in.

I was with Accenture from 2005 to 2014, I was on the consulting side.

We’d have some kind of reorg every year, and there would be a bigger reorg every two years.

A major reorg would come every five to six years.

That’s my experience, things might have changed recently but that was the mantra since 1990s.

I am not sure what the scope of the current change is but it looks like it’s a major one and things will change for everyone – just hang in there and if you are client facing, focus on the client – you should be fine.

Let the partners play the partner game, they shuffle the deck and jockey for positions – for client facing folks this is not that important as the project and what you do on the project is what matters – so, keep eye on the ball and good luck.

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