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Layoffs are now making rounds

With the new leadership of different groups (for some groups, 3rd VP in 2 years), a new direction and agile are a common theme. More care for stock price than employees. As new org charts are created, with consulting companies, layoffs are occurring mid year, the end of the 2nd qtr. No one knows if they will be next, which is terrible for morale.

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I have been absolutely disgusted by what I’ve witnessed this past year, shameful. All about the stockholders and those at the top making $$. How sustainable is a business plan that is essentially just laying off the workers every few months and calling it a “reorg” - reorg implies there is actually some thought and planning put into it which hasn’t happened yet. Recent reorg resulted in competent leadership (regional vps, directors) let go and replaced by people who have no knowledge or skill set for role they have. This from a CEO paid million+salary but still needs to keep former CEO on payroll (also for million+ salary).

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Morale, what morale, sorry but this is a concept that had long left Anthem. Spite and contempt are the only thing associates are feeling right now for Anthem.

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