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TIAA layoffs in Charlotte

There you go:

  • The client is no longer the focal point of the business.

  • Everything is about putting money in the CEO and other execs pockets.

  • The client has become a mere afterthought.

  • Client satisfaction and employee moral continues to drop while the executive fatten their pockets.

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Because they are amoral. I wonder how many TIAA policyholders would want to keep their business with a company that gets rid of US jobs and move them to a country where TIAA has zero business? I hope these questions are asked by institutions like universities who use TIAA.
I work with several TIAA alumni, and to a person they are so glad to be out of there. It used to be a better place to work and invest, but they lost their way.

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How true it is. Why does a company have “Insurance” in it’s name but wipes out the whole Insurance dept? But there’s more to come, my departments been told we will be training the new “TIAA India” wing of the company this year

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