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Conduent Recent Disaster Recovery Drill

This week Conduent had the annual Disaster Recovery Drill

The result was that a long list of major systems failed!

Now the executive level management is tweaking the results so that they can report to

auditors (and clients - the real customers) how well prepared Conduent

is for a data center outage or other large site disaster.

They have no reservation to flat out lie to the clients, client employees and retirees

and they treat their employees even worse.

If this company says xxx - you know it is the exact opposite!

If you are looking for a job where the pay is poor and there is no 401k matching

contribution from the employer and you like being lied to daily and know that there is a surefire plan from above to eliminate your job and sent it offshore and not one manager above you or anyone offshore is held accountable for anything and you like trying to work on computers and systems that are always crashing and freezing and you like getting perhaps 10 paid holidays while the offshore workers get 30+ paid holidays a year and you like being told you must

work on the Fourth of July because the offshore workers are working that day and their holidays and vacation time takes precedence over your "Fourth Of July" so you must work too then this is the place for you.

Conduent the Company: Where only the Sh-- rises to the TOP

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I was a Xerox employee who dedicated my life to the company and one day they told us that Xerox had acquired Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS).

Next thing we know they started changing our business model to pattern ACS..... we were all like... what the He&$...why are you changing something that is working great into a disaster.

Then they announced the SPLIT.... where Conduent was born...just gave them an excuse to get rid of employees that had any tenure

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Does ant of this sound familiar?

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F this company. Leave now before it's too late! How do you force someone to take a higher position with a lower pay. Management makes false promises they know they can't keep.

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Why oh why is anyone still there! I’ve been gone almost a year and it has taken me that long to recover from the mental abuse this company caused. I knew they were telling lies, but in the mean time while seeking other positions the abuse you take is real. I’d love to sue the company for the mental anguish I suffered. Leave, walk out, leave them with nothing like they will do to you. I had a management position, all lies!!!!

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