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Accenture Pay Ratio: CEO to Median Worker Total Compensation

Source below...

Accenture pays its CEO $554.62 for every dollar it pays its median employee.

  • CEO COMPENSATION: $22,299,174


  • DODD FRANK RATIO: 554.6 to 1


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That’s a BS comparison.

First of all, the CEO compensation quoted includes nearly $18M is stock. The cash portion is “only” $4.7M, which is not out of line for the CEO of a consulting company.
Secondly, the median employee salary is dubious. There are over 480,000 Accenture employees all over the world. So simply converting salaries into US dollars from places like India, Philippines, China, US, Japan, etc. is meaningless.

A more accurate comparison would be to compare the CEO’s cash salary, with those of Accenture’s Paris employees, since that’s where he is based.

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The data needs to be smoothed statistically to include "Cost of Living" for the majority of the staff vs the cost of living in other locations. The numbers will look very different once this is done...but the theme in general on the divide is an important one. It should be looked at by location...what is the gap between highest paid vs lowest paid regionally and then start the discussion.

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Are those numbers global, I suspect they are. What about the comparison of those just in US? The majority of the company is in India where those employees on average paid $2 -10/hour ($4-15 LCR).

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