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"Respect for the Individual"

I hate to cynical, but then we worked for the company that boasts that it espouses "Respect for the Individual" as a core value even as it is terminating, without warning, the very people who worked to grow their business. So there's that.

However, I have noticed several posters say that their supervisor told them that there were probably going to be more "displacements" going forward. (How I hate that euphemism!

Why can't they just say "fired" and call it what it is??) And everybody says that they have been told that they can reapply for any openings in the next 60 days, but of course they are not going to ever post those positions within that time frame.

So it's really not that big of a stretch to think that they could wait at least 60 days and then have another round of "displacements". At that time, this week's then newly FIRED employees would be eligible to apply for these newly opened positions as their 60 day period had passed.

Of course these "new" positions now mysteriously pay $10 to $20 less than the nearly identical one they were previously forced out of as a "business decision". Imagine! A ready-trained work force desperate for a job in an oversupplied labor market!

Even the Wal-Mart that just paid 282 million to settle and try to silence an international bribery scandal would have higher ethical standards than that. Wouldn't they?

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What’s sad is that in spite of the over-saturation of pharmacists, more and more schools continue to open, doing absolutely no favors to our profession or the graduates who will leave those very schools with well over 100K in debt that they’ll now have a much more difficult time paying back. This is not looking good! Sad thing is, no one seems to do anything to regulate the amount of schools that continue to open.

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Back in the day they called it right sizing. Still you are being fired no matter what the call it.

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