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Where are the Boards of Pharmacy???

I know the function of the board of pharmacy is to protect the public. How can this move by Walmart be considered anything but dangerous to the public ?? The staffing of chains in general should have been subject to scrutiny as well long ago.

This ought to be where the boards step in and say “NO MORE “. or are they just another extension of the big chains because so often the boards seem to be comprised of members that serve the interest of the chains ,not the consumer.

Should this not be considered a conflict of interest for board members ??

I’ve been saying for years if anybody needs a union, it is retail chain pharmacists.

All pharmacists need to wake up ,get out of our comfort zones,and start doing something about all the BS we have to put up with ,instead of sitting on our hands. If we don’t,we will not have a profession very much longer

The chains need to stop taking any reimbursement insurance companies give and draw a line in the sand

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Check your BOPs.. most of them have corporate management as sitting members on them.

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