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Loyalty means nothing at Office Depot

Office Depot made a big mistake buying Compucom. These new executives that came in after the failed Staples merger tried to BS us all on corp campus by having ice cream, cupcakes, party in the auditorium, invited to a local bar where my EVP bought us drinks. I worked here for 19 years, 8 months and 9 days. Shy of my 20th anniversary. We the layoffs happen, they don't look at performance. They look at if they even liked you. Yeh I said that. I was a high performer doing many duties and was a strong team player.

I survived 6 prior layoffs. In the end of 2018, I said 2019 was going to be a career change. I hoped I would get laid off. I somehow saw my future and on May 8, 2019, they laid off over 250, below the cap of reporting it to the state. This company I do not see around after 2022. They decision making makes it harder to take care of customers. Workconomy, Compucom and outsourcing all my work was the end of my career there. One major problem is, people have no clue how to communicate with each other in corp to even take care of a customer. Good bye OD, thanks for nothing..

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