Thread regarding SAP layoffs

SAP is 4th leading company in this, oh my goodness

Here’s a new listing that SAP just got into!

Did someone say SAP is one of the top employers?

An increasing number of tech employees have anxiety about being laid off, according to a Blind survey released Tuesday. This fear is so prevalent that Blind, an anonymous community app for the working world, created an entire channel where tech workers could discuss the topic.

Here are the top 10 companies where employees most fear being laid off, and the percent of employees who said they were afraid:

Tesla Motors (77.22%)

eBay (71.88%)

Snapchat (71.25%)

SAP (66.28%)

VMware (65.77%)

Oath/Verizon Media (61.11%)

Cisco (50.51%)

PayPal (49.48%)

Intel Corporation (48.21%)

NVIDIA (36.96%)

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@ZRlPJOB-4zdh Agreed! Same differences in Twitter and Linkedin. The messages always feel so phony, so fake, all about self promotion, it feels like, preaching down from the sky.

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SAP is really toxic!!! They cannot even treat customers and partners right. Not surprised that so many people are leaving to join Robert Eslin at GCP.

BTW have seen how pathetic Jenn and Bill are compared to senior leaders at AWS, GCP, IBM and MSFT? Check their presentations to see the stunning difference....

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Or stick it out and get a sweet severance! Then go your merry way.

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I absolutely agree with you SAP was a famous name 5 years ago. Now, it is more infamous than famous unfortunately, with the recent bad press on layoffs, poor HANA adoption, Elliot, executives exodus.

Have to count on good old Bill to manage all the PR around this!

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Why wait? There plenty of great opportunities out there in amazing companies. I am hearing that lots of talent is leaving SAP.... Hit them before they hit you!!!!

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I can understand the anxiety but, if you really think about it, what is really there you have to lose? Do you want to really bury your career in a dying company, just to make a living? How pathetic would that be!!

If it happens, you may need to go through the discomfort of unemployment, like a newly released prisoner facing uncertainties, but a whole world of opportunites are out there waiting for you and you will never look bac, it will be such a bless!

To the "early talents", don't waste your time just to gain some experience or to collect a famous name in your resume, think about all the other opportunities you miss!

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Interesting the timing of this article was shortly after Billy McDoormat announced the restructuring plan in the late January All Hands call. Initially it was a voluntary early retirement offering but when they didn't get the needed head count reduction, the massive layoffs started in early March. Many saw this coming after that all hands and the slaughter isn't over yet for 2019.

The only reason Glassdoor gives SAP a high rating is SAP pays people to write positive reviews. Any negative reviews are conveniently pushed to page 99 of Glassdoor's site. I have seen Glassdoor reps in our lobby giving away prizes and encourage employees who post a review. Layoffs seem to be an annual event at SAP and it's not going to stop in the next few years.

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