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Community college vs UTI expensive tuition.

When I worked at UTI, there was an admissions pamphlet about why UTI is better than community college. One of the things I remember is that at UTI you graduate faster and don't waste your time having to take history, literature etc.

I would like to let any potential student considering attending UTI know that many community colleges now offer certificate programs similar to those of trade schools where you do not have to take art, history or literature. You literally just take the automotive classes you need and get a certificate. It's all a matter of checking with your local community college to review what auto and diesel programs they offer.

Bad news for UTI California just announced free community college for first time full time freshmen. Even if it's not free, community college is way less expensive. I can tell you that there are two local community colleges close to where I live that offer automotive, diesel and SMOG certificate programs. Yes they have the associate degrees too but if students don't want art, history, etc there are certificate programs. If you want to specialize in a certain make, you take your diploma directly to Mercedes or Toyota etc to further your education. You do not need UTI and you certainly do not need to spend $35,000 to $54,000 to become an automotive or diesel technician. If you are a parent of a student considering UTI and are online searching more information about the school, I hope this post finds you and I truly hope you and your son or daughter make an informed decision before a UTI admissions rep gets to your home to show you their admissions presentation.

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I wish i would have seen this! I told my daughter that community colleges had certificates but she wanted UTI

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TRIP is a big selling point for Admissions. It's the argument their sells people (aka admissions reps) have to counter families who are afraid to sign up because of the loans. Often times I met with students who were under the impression that it's perfectly fine for them to get loans because their employer would pay them off later. I tried to clarify this as much as possible with the students I met with. TRIP is not guaranteed, you have to get hired first, work for a number of time, TRIP amounts vary by company, this is only for your 7,500 loan, your parent's 25,000 loan is not eligible etc. At the same time, I wasn't able to sound discouraging because of the UTI "butts on the seats" principle. So why not let students believe they're getting all their loans paid off as long as they start class. One time I had to completely stop talking to a student who hadn't even started class and was already asking about his employer and where he could go see them so that he could get TRIP started. I was like "you know you have to interview and get a job first right?" He just didn't grasp this because the admissions presentation, TRIP TRIP TRIP. I called the student's rep so that he could clarify how TRIP would work but when I noticed the reps comment on the system, I noticed the reps last comment was "called parent, gave her the good news about TRIP".

I was glad to leave UTI because it was around the time admissions started pushing for TRIP. Before leaving, I intended to make an appointment with the CP to let him know of my concern with TRIP, the way it was being misrepresented. I had a screenshot of that comment that rep left as well as quotes from students with what they believed TRIP would do for them. I was afraid we were become deceptive and that misrepresenting TRIP this way could come back tp bite the company. Of course right before I could do this, I left. Good luck, UTI, I hope TRIP doesn't come back to bite you on the rear. I do want the TRIP quotes I heard from students to be public record.

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I have been saying this for years. I have all but given up with their graduates.

We contacted the employment department at their corporate office and were told unless we enroll in their tuition reimbursement program (trip) they would not send us graduates.

I am out on the walk ins too.

Too bad for them and the students.

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