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I'm confused

We already have huge attrition at SeaWorld - people are leaving constantly and not many of them are replaced. So why exactly do we need more layoffs?

It makes no sense - especially considering that finding any replacements is getting harder and harder. People are onto SeaWorld, they know what kind of conditions we are working under, and they don't want to become a part of it.

So as I said, layoffs really make no sense right now.


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Who is the new VP for SanDiego Marketing? Are they keeping that VP from the Florida waterpark that has been out here since January?

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The company is having a hard time recruiting any outside talent. Biggest example, marketing department at San Diego has been a revolving door of Senior leaders and now a new VP? We will see how long this lasts. My guess is 6 months

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The layoffs never have made sense since 2014 when i saw the first one i was there for.

They cut badly at that time and admitted they cut too deep showing they had no idea what they were doing then.

A lot of the decisions made at this company now fall into that. Throwing money at projects for the lowest bidder only to have to throw more when it gets messed up. Hiring a ceo to run a conservation company who was trashing the ocean under his last job, day to day operational issues, its become the normal.

The direction under the current chief strategic officer though is to automate whatever can be done. So say goodbye to things like the feeder booths (getting turned into essentially vending machines in the future), outsourcing app development and going self service kiosks heavily for the big 3 departments (cul, merch and ops)

For someone like him we can continue to get cut and cut as long as people keep coming to the parks.

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There are still enough desperate people willing to work for places like this...

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