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Age Discrimination at Accenture

Age discrimination Lawsuits: Accenture, Facebook sued by sales boss for favoring 'new blood'


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@oxlr is a true story

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Nice story.

Told differently, a new manager is hired by ACN. His years of experience and outside recruiting mean he’s probably paid considerably more than his peers who rose through the ranks inside Accenture. That makes him more expensive to staff on client projects. His project is cancelled after 4 months. He sits on the bench for 4 months, without a new role. That’s a lifetime in the consulting world. He is then terminated. Three months later, Facebook declines to bring him back to the original project role and is not rehired. Nine months later, he finds that one of the managers he trained is now in charge. That’s a year an a half since the start of the original program. Also a lifetime in consulting. Apparently the junior guy was competent enough to get and keep the job over the older guy. It’s called meritocracy.

End of story.

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Simple. Younger usually means cheaper - they work longer hours too.

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