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upcoming semi-hostile take over

Rumors of an upcoming semi-hostile take over of the majority of product design by Penang are starting to circulate (there is rumored support from on high for this)

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What they are capable of and what they have convinced the SVPs of are two very different things. No one bothers to fact-check anything that comes out of there, so as far as the decision makers are concerned these guys are gold.

This is happening. My belief is the decision is already made and they are just working out the logistics. None of the cowards will ever admit to it until D-day.

Milligan and Cordano have been beating the drum of a major re-org. Some one was bound to lose in this. At the end of the day Penang is cheaper. Product quality has always been a distant concern for this company.

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Let's not kid ourselves here, after working with SDSM for numerous items there's no way they have the technical capabilities to launch a new product on their own.

It took WDM and WDTH years/decades of product transfer to build up the capability of where they are today and even then they still require US support . Even PRB doesn't have the technical capability due to the way the command & control structure is with FJ in play.

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