Thread regarding Ford layoffs

If you plan to stick around for June layoffs, here is a tip

It looks like supports text formatting using markdown protocol. Lets keep things tidy.

  • INDENT: A > at the beginning of a line will indent things or quote it.

  • BULLETS: A dash at the start of a line will create a bullet.

  • BOLD/ITALIC: Start and finish a string with an underscore ( _ ) to make it bold - two underscores to make it italic.


Finally, a tickmark ( ` ) at the beginning and end if a string will turn into a 'code-block', try it it's cool

Hashtags work as well

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To quote and indent


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The instructions are wrong for bold and italic. Should be:

Start and finish a string with an asterisk ( * ) to make it bold - two asterisks to make it italic.

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Sorry, I used to get by with PROFS email, so I don't know how to format :P

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You can also link to posts by posting the post ID that's in the footer of each post - for example for this one it's @ZamoHz1

You can refer to replies by using the three character word after the post ID - for example the first reply here is @kjo

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test tickmars

test bold

test italic

test indent

  • test bullet
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