Thread regarding Google Inc. layoffs

What's it like to work at Google these days?

How's the culture? Work life balance?

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6 years ago "User Goodwill" was all that was discussed and cartooned about in memegen. Then Larry stepped aside and gave ALL of the reins to Ruth so she could turn google into a cold, heartless, cash-upchucking machine, and the company is in a serious decline, with scandals every 2-3 months, anti-trust fines, lots of lying to employees (china search, project maven). I left.

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The culture is deteriorating. While being "Googley" was once a defining characteristic, it is now being openly attacked by those who have been hired from Oracle, Microsoft, etc. And those people are changing the hiring process and the job descriptions in the Cloud division to make it easier to bring in more of their former colleagues. It is also being smashed by those who have taken the openness of information and dialogue and decided to leak it to achieve some personal or political gain. Trust internally is at an all time low and it is changing the amazing culture that Google once had.

Work/life balance is designed to be askew. Everything one could need is provided at the office, the expectation is that everyone works at the office despite potentially rediculous commutes and 6 month performance reviews encourage an atmosphere of constant striving. It is no wonder that 1/2 of the Google workforce has under 2 years of tenure -- people are getting burned out and are going elsewhere to find work/life balance.

In terms of perks, they are largely all still in place. The food, drinks, snacks, barista, etc are still all amazing and all free. One change has been towards "healthy" -- portion sizes are carefully targeted and sugary foods/snacks are limited. The only significant shift has been in the Cloud division where they reduced salaries and Google stock grants, but that hasn't translated elsewhere (yet) and Cloud is led by an ex-Oracle executive, so it isn't all that surprising.

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Based on Glassdoor reviews some are drinking the Kool aid and some very unhappy people. Every place you work you'll find the same types of people every where that makes life unbearable.

I also heard they've cut back on providing the best foods, alcohol, and snacks in the last 5 years.

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