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How do you feel ?

What’s on your mind WD survivers ?

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WD (with only 65k employee world wide) is structured for company with over 500k employee. Some people have 8 layers of managers to CEO, which is more ridiculous than Dilbert can imagine.

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In Finance, HR and Legal, there are already over 30 VPs

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For the one who thinks WD HDD is still at the top, pls read the market analysis trend for the last two years between STX, WD and Tosh. WD has fallen behind STX since 1.5 years ago.

Today’s stock market cap reflects the above reality. Blaming market headwind or sticking head under the Pebble Beach sand will not get anywhere. Time to wake up!!

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"mud sledding"? Sounds like fun!

You must know more than Wall Street since they see the same numbers and they've concluded WD (even w/ their 60% more revenue and lackluster margins) is a worse buy than STX. And the gap increases everyday. We should ignore the gyrations of the Market, right? i mean the 20 day average has only been dropping for a month and a half, right? Oh, let me guess, macroeconomics. The same macroeconomics that STX sees, right?

There is a difference between wishful thinking and willfully ignoring the facts. I know, the kool-aid tastes soooooo good.

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Read reports,crunch numbers and do some basic financial modeling before coming up with your arguments.

If you read last qtr fine print and apply non-gaap margin W made 8% more profit $ on overall HDD business. Margin compensated the revenue gap between those two companies.

Also check volume of enterprise HDDs (growing sector) vs desktop/client numbers in those reports which would settle your 15tb/16tb arguments. Future is to be seen though.

Naysayers and ex-disgruntled peepz would not win in long run

There is just too much hate without substance.

I would stop arguing here, have fun mud sledding!

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From last quarter results, WD total revenue was 60% more than STX. Of that, ~55% was from HDD. This would suggest WD's HDD revenue < STX HDD revenue (vast majority of STX revenue is only HDD).

Also, STX is shipping a 16TB HDD while WD's top is SMR at 15TB. Can't find any details about STX drive, expect it has 9 platters.

So, WD is falling behind in HDD. It also wrote off +100M on some inventory (!) and is paying Bane et al. in order not to produce SSD. Poor execution. Should not be excused.

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Seagate HDD revenue: 2.12B

WD HDD: 2.0B

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Bring data on HDD. Your eyes are open but you got yellow glasses , you see everything yellow. And yes dont just bring seagate earnings report.

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You misunderstood my point.

WD HDD no longer the top dog.

  • market share

  • time to market

  • revenue

All lagging behind competitor. Again, open your eyes

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Hey hey, you just got credit for the good joke ( 3 HDD vendors left out of 221). Dont walk away from it. Walking away creates residual issues.

HDD pays the bill and staying on top is a big gain.

The money from HDD needs to fuel SSD growth.

eSSD one need to wait for technology shift to gain back control otherwise competition is far ahead!

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"HDD still at top" - this type of mentality is exact the problem.

Pls open your eyes and look at the world and competitors around you!

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Haha good [email protected] go to pebble beach everyday.

HDD vendors are 3 but company is no longer HDD only. HDD we’re still at top.

The non HDD area is where we are mostly in top 3 barring eSSD. Whoever worked on post intel 6g sas product at HGST screwed it up.

Sandisk never had a strong eSSD presence.

Another egg shell is the cloud BU but all other storage devices companies striggle with it too. Ours was big maomey drain it seems.

So number of VPs is still a concern or we go to eSSD now?

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Yes, one can not claim “continued leadership” in enterprise SSD with 0 new revenue in 2+ years.

If you are proud of being top 3 in HDD, think again. If WD becomes number 4 in HD, you can go to Pebble Beach everyday. Hint: there are only 3 HDD players left today.

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So now the issue is number of VPs.

I know for sure that pebbele beach is near 100 attendees. You got no data but just ranting on numbers.

Technology space only segemnt company needs to catch up is enterprise SSD. Everything else we are in top 3 (mosty leading). So dont keep grading C- when company is doing much better than that.

Many redundant functions and underperforming units are trimmed. Companies play long and short bets depending on technology. Cloud sodtware for example is a 5 yr investment before you cut it, however device program may not last 18 months. Transformative ideas would get much longer runway but tight funding( thats where we lost $s in my view by funding ideas but too aggressively). Those aggressive bets weredone when company was raining cash so again not a bad strategy, just poor execution.

You’re opinionated about PowerPoint but I bet you , that’s what you do. Engineers do engineering.

Agree on execution.

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Only 100+ VPs? You are substantially underestimate the number of VPs flooded at WD which has only less than 8k employee in US.

First step is to cut 30%-50% of these useless VPs.

Second step is stop talking fancy jargons but get down to work with dirty hands. Eliminate non contributing functions (suppose to be technical) that only know how to produce power points and roadshows with no substances.

Third, acknowledge the technology falling behind competition and stay humble to play catch-up game.

Fourth, execution, execution, execution.

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So what do you expect to get out of leadership conference?

Now that you’re changing your tone about pebble beach...

First you made it sound like hungry sophomores going for party night. Now saying they’ve partied enough, you’re questioning the outcome.

This is a fair point. Outcome of leadership conference for employees is to look for direction and update on strategy.

I believe last two townhalls, there is fair bit of details provided by leadership team on what our near term goals are. In leadership conference,I exoect it to be more refined and set the tone for accountability.

I expect pebble beach to be a good refresher to all of our leaders on what their call of action is. Some would cascade it better than others. In past,I have seen leaders just sharing slides with some spin. That did not help many. Others did decent job explaining whys and whats, as they set the tone on how.

Those 100+ people spending 3 days at conference, bonding and sharing their prospectives has ton of value.

Calling mission statement BS,shows your lack of open mind.Mission statement is our north star. It is a good statement,just that lot of naysayers are still on the boat. Some after leaving are still mentally on the boat. Mission if one accepts, energy should be on getting it done. If you can not accept it, it makes you more miserable being on a boat and rowing against the team.

Stock performance is a separate topic. Company played a long game by buying flash assets and in investor conference as well as quarterly results conference, great deal of details are provoded around operating model. Cyclical semiconductor stocks shouldn’t be a suprise to anyone. If you take a good financial modeling course ,you would know how it works.

In nutshell,

Can outcone be better ? - Yes ,of course.

Should you expect more ? - Definitely.

Better leadership helps ? - Yes.

Are we doomed anc gloomed ? - Not at all.

Are you willing to do your part (which mostly is execution and not stategy ) - ?

It can be frustrating but stay positive because you owe that to your self.

I firmly believe comoany has very good talent and its moving in right direction.

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Yes VPs get paid well enough so they really don’t care about Pebble Beach.

The issue here is not just money. It is about mentality of the WD leadership. What will the company get out of this annual VP conference? The outcome will be nothing more than a BS mission statement.

Just look at stock performance and company as a whole? Should one be ashamed of it?

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Most VPs are paid well, they dont care about pebble beach. They can afford better vacations. The pebble beach poster has no idea how american corporation work.

Unionists lost long time ago. Stop trying to unionize small group of anonymous posters.

Skill up and find your dream pay and job. If i get that I’d move on.

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How do you know its 5M?

Whoose your source ?

May be close to 1 million dolla ?

Most execs in bay r paid.

Capitalism works that way.

This forum is filled with socialists and communists ideas.

World’s largest storage company’s annual executive offsite shud be held in some public park with BYOL ?

Get real.

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I feel like spending 5 million on a luxury retreat for VPs at Pebble Beach isn't the best use of corporate funds.

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I'm still getting paid at WD, yet I haven't worked in over three years either! Come in late, go home early, and take a long lunch. Go to the gym. Oh yeah, and take tons of vacation. Drive from E1 to go to a meeting in B14, miss your turn, and before you know it you are on 85 and on the way home at 3 in the afternoon for the third time this week - ooops!

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I feel glad that I haven't worked there in over three years!

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lol, With no bonus, what can managers do ?

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I got two weeks off, starting today. My director doesn't show up to work, why should I? lol

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Its Thursday.Tomorrow is Friday. Three days off. It will be Tuesday.

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