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Too late for goodbyes

The replacement of experts is a short term measure though and the window for selling NXP may be closing.

The lack of experts means that the k--ler products that would be worth real revenues are drying up. One example would be the i.mx6 versus the i.mx8 processor. The i.mx6 uses the A9 core which is faster than the i.mx8's A7. So rollouts of new i.mx6 products are still happening on top of the fact that the i.mx6 uses less power. The i.mx6 is a Freescale product, not an NXP product. i.mx8 sounds like a newer product but for many mobile devices it would be a silly buy.

Other divisions you can look out that are now valueless are the DN group at Freescale headquarters. Why would you close a networking group to concentrate instead on Auto etc. Networking is everywhere and is one of the hot industry areas but it requires expensive experts to develop however there was a time when Motorola SPS designed great wireless chipsets. Then there is RF, from all rumors completely destroyed and run by a bunch of id--ts. They simply do not have the technology or people to compete anymore since they did not invest. Now ex-freescale CEO is heading a better RF company that has the new technology. No doubt all the experts have left since if you look at the financial reports the numbers are continuously decreasing. Not an attractive buy for anyone other than some kind of Indian or Chinese passive device maker that needs legacy components.

In my opinion the reduction of expert talent over so long now has meant the company is just not an attractive purchase for a world class company anymore. Other companies know this stuff because those people end up somewhere working. With qualcomm at least they could say they had the top automotive radar and they sold the idea to them on that basis. Did Qualcomm figure that out and k--l the deal? Were they underwhelmed when they looked inside? One of the things companies look at is layoffs that have occured and what is happening in the sales channel to screw with the reported numbers. But other companies have caught up and out "experted" NXP. There is nothing in the portfolio that jumps out as special or that somebody else is not already going after. Quad core arm chips are already coming out of China at a fraction of the cost and so NXP would not be an option.

So the gutting of NXP and Freescale has gone on too long now and there is nothing special coming along. Opex can still be used to make it smaller but if they keep doing that the situation will look stable until the company becomes unworkable and all that is left are staff nobody would want to hire.

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I.mx8 SoCs come with a richer offloading engines package than i.mx6. That's the real power in these systems. The cortex cores themselves are not that of a feature - unless you pack many of them. Intel cores beats the c-ap out of any ARM core in HPC.

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The i.mx8 has its place but it is expensive vs the 6 and its all about 64 bit. The problem is that the 6 is from 2011 and the 8 is from 2013 which is a long time ago. The 7 is a failure imo because there is a version of the 6 that is similar. Way to go, it seems that innovation has fallen so far behind that we are dealing with old cores from the Freescale days anyway. So they will probably k--l them when the 6 and 8 sales dry up. Just another result of NXP k--ling Freescale business units.

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FYI its not that simple - because both come in "varieties". Essentially yes i.mx8 if you are doing 64 bit code - a lot of the embedded world is still 32 bit.

In this condition the i.mx6 is faster than the i.mx8 because the A9 core is a faster 32 bit core.

the i.mx6 lacks only few features of the i.mx8 - but true - again comes down to what you are doing in a handheld device.

The real question is how many managers, directors and GM's in NXP know this stuff? 0?

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FYI, the i.mx8 family uses cortex-a53/72 64-bit cores and i.mx7 uses cortex-a7 32-bit cores - they are used in the low power segment.

i.mx8 family is faster than i.mx6.

i.mx6 is 32-bit and are pretty cheap and they sell well but lack futures like virtualization.

hope that the DN dark side (RobO'S) that now rule the i.MX business won't k--l this business (again) as it happened with Layerscape.

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For those of us old enough, in 2004, Freescale Revenue was about 5.7 Billion with about 200 million in net income. Here we are 15 years later, with the combination of 2 companies and we are pulling what? 9.4 Billion. That would mean Freescale alone would be worth pulling 7.3 Billion in todays dollars. You can walk into any business unit in the company today and ask how they are going to grow revenue and not one GM can tell you.

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