Thread regarding Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC (DCEH) layoffs

South University (SUO) Biting The Dust.

College scorecard has recently been updated and there's great news. The graduation rate for this loan mill scheme has just risen from a spectacular 2% to a phenomenal 3%. Go Dogs!!!

South University-Savannah Online

Savannah, GA

*4,045 undergraduates<<<<< And enrollment is tanking too.


Annual Cost




*3%<<<<<<<< That's right! It's 3% and no it's not a transfer school. That one still remains a joke.

Salary After



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Why is that statement delusion and insane and why is it wrong?

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  • Students Beware! And be very careful with these people.

The previous post is yet another example of the delusional and insane statements the Snake Charmers at South Fraudaversity will tell you to deceive you into believing this elaborate scam is anything more than a confidence game to get at your student loan money and leave most with nothing but a lifetime of debt.

Please read all the posts on this thread to get at the documented truth. It will be helpful in evaluating this ongoing scam and inform you that they do not have your best interests at heart.

But don't believe me that they are proven parasites. Do your own research and I think you will agree that these miscreants are not your friends.

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Nothing novel, nothing new and in a deregulated environment. What on earth indicates that south is closing

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When a recent thread/question was posed, 'What Business IS South Actually In?' The Fraudaversity poseur texted:

'its Anesthesia Assistant program is one of 12 in the nation, with 100% Board passing rate, it's avpharmacy[sic] is one of very few 3 year Pharmacy degree with over 95% pass rate, above national erage,[sic] it's PA it with the riff raff. Since getting away, money is staying here, and things are finally going back to a semblance of normal.'

Let's see how that 'semblance of normal' has persisted over the years by taking a trip in the "Way-Back' machine and citing some numbers derived from ( archives with first time students starting at the Fraudaversity in 2007 who graduated within 150% of the normal time to complete the longest program between Sept 1, to August 30, 2013:

2007 Cohort: (965), Graduate Completers-17, Rate-2% (2011-2013)

So the Anesthesia Assistant program which 'is one of twelve in the nation' has a 100% Board passing rate.

*Given that only 17 of the original 2007 Cohort of 965 actually graduated between 2011-2013, I wonder which lucky handful of the 17 graduates actually got to take the AA Boards that allowed scam to claim a 100% pass rate (astoundingly meaningless assertion, without a doubt) and the one that the owner vulture capitalists in N.Y. would be familiar with, usually referred to as "CHUTZPAH."

Again, and to paraphrase from above: It's Pharmacy school is one of a very few 3 year pharmacy degree schools in the nation that has OVER a 95% pass rate' and 'it's above the national average.'

*Let's give Fraudaversity the benefit of the doubt and say of that in the original 2007 Cohort of 965 another lucky handful out of the 17 graduates jammed that "pass rate" to over 95%.

You see, when you look at the numbers, it's all a fraud and to say ...Since getting away money is staying here" (wherever that is) which begs the question: Where is that 16 million dollars of misappropriated student money? I think we know.

Students Beware!!!

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Yea not closing

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"Clearly you have no idea what the graduates comprise of in this 2%... First time, full time freshman who start and graduate from the school. If you knew anything about South University, it is a non-traditional school that is comprised of students that have transferred from another school."

Clearly Educational Principal Foundation (a joke, whoever they are) is paying some shill too much money to facilitate the culling of the Title IV students loan money. AND THEN LEAVE THE STUDENTS WITH ZILCH.

As per * data: (transfer or no transfer)

These combine the graduation/completion data from SUO only. (OK) The graduation/completion rate for the cohort of first time, full time students who entered school in FALL 2007(OK) and who graduated or completed within 150% of the normal time to complete the longest program between Sept 1, 2011 to Aug 30, 2013.

Overall Cohort-965, Graduate/Completers-17, Rate-2%

White-368, Graduate/Completers-13, Rate-4%

Black-195, Graduate/Completers-3, Rate-2%

But as recently reported the graduation rate is up to 3% so all is well. (

But wait! And ALL the schools are hemorrhaging students per ( so what's going on?

Students Beware!!! *They have a long documented history of leaving you high and dry. Make your plans to GET OUT NOW and save the heartache.

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Recently perpetrated on this site:

This is an example of a classic Confidence set-up in the question and answer scam format where a supposedly worried parent ( played by a South shill ) tries to quell the fears of a (shill parent ) who expresses concern over sending her "kid" to a South Loan Mill Fraud Factory in South Carolina. Of course every aspect of the shill dialogue is a lie underscored by a ton of statistical evidence to the contrary. But why let the facts get in the way?

So "concerned" mom shill texted as follows, contemporaneously to the DCEH treachery:

"Thank you so much for this lowers the fear level when it comes to sending a child to college there. The programs always well thought of but one wonders about financial problems these days. No one

wants a school to just shut its doors. The stories from that are always awful."

This fabricated stunt is as low-down as you can get, tantamount to doing the limbo under a snake. But as they say in the hospital business "there IS a snake around every tree."

Welcome to South Fraudaversity, sign here.

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Care to elaborate--- cryptic, incongruous text. Don't speak Colbertian.

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Enrollment is down across the board this is not an outlier. South is not going to close

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Look to Colbeck, look to the The Education Principal Foundation (a joke), and that Studio thing and that's where you'll find the 16 million dollars of stolen student money. They paid nothing for South in the hopes of getting to that ATM while it lasts before following the usual pattern of leaving the hapless students high and dry once again.

Students Beware!

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Breaking News"

*South Unifraudsity-West Palm Beach, Florida.

Enrolled students (987) in *2016, as of 5/2019 (698). Why that's a winning student dump of 29.2%.

*Representatives from Colbeck and Education Principle Foundation did not respond to requests for comment. (They never do)

Here's what another happy customer has to say:

*Nicole of Winter Haven, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 9, 2019

This school is for profit only. They don’t care about students being successful. The professors provide zero assistance. The counselors appear to read from a script and if you ask any questions that aren’t on the script they are lost. Please beware and search for a school & program that actually cares about you and not out for you to fail the program so they can make more money. I’m so surprised this school hasn’t been shut down by now. Their Family Nurse Practitioner program is a joke. No one will assist you in finding preceptors even if you have contacted 60+ providers in your area. This is one of the WORST PROGRAMS I’ve ever attended. Choose wisely where you attend school, they are money hungry leaches.

(Same old same old Nicole. A"joke" and loan scam par excellence)


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Let's see. Where did we leave off?

More 'Move On' numbers brought to you by

South University-Virginia Beach, VA. Enrollment down 19.8% from 2016-17 to 5/2019.

South University-Montgomery, Al. Enrollment down 18.5% from 2016-17 to 5/2019.

South University-Richmond, VA. (Glen Allen) Enrollment down 15.4% from 2016-2017 to 5/2019.

South University-Austin, TX. (Round Rock) Enrollment down 8.4% from 2016-17 to 5/2019.

The Cleveland (Warrenville), Novi, Michigan and High Point N.C schools.---Kaput!!!

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More evidence that that the South Fraudaversity loan mill conspiracy is biting it is as follows:

South University Tampa, Fl. Enrollment down 38.5% from 2016-17 to 5/2019.

South University Columbia SC. Enrollment down 28.7% from same time period.

  • Students Beware! Graduation rates are pathetic too.
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SUO down 47% from 2016-17 to present

South University (Savannah) ground down 60% during same time frame.

Go to and plug in the numbers and you will see that no school still standing has positive student enrollment and in fact the enrollment deceleration is steadily increasing.

But when all is said and done the Wall Street owner/ crooks will "move on" with a pile of other people's money.

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But if you talk to anyone still at South they are told and believe that South is in great shape. They all believe they're the only ones who have any money and viability.

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These were the numbers in 2016-17. Can anyone give an update?

Savannah, online (7,575)

Montgomery, Alabama (453 students)

Orlando, Florida

Tampa, Florida (883 students)

Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Atlanta, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia (1,228 students)

Novi, Michigan (431 students)

High Point, North Carolina (378 students)

Warrensville Heights, Ohio (371 students)

Columbia, South Carolina (1,132 students)

Round Rock, Texas (426 students)

Glen Allen, Virginia (652 students)

Virginia Beach, Virginia (564 students)

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5242 students in 11/2018 to 4045 students in 5/2019 is six months of a decreased student retention rate being 22.83% or an average loss of 199.5 students per month. At this rate of attrition 4045 / 199.5 per month, then SUO has 20.27 months or 1.689 years left ... maybe.

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Let me get this straight. You say student enrollment at South Unifraudsity Online was 5242 in 11/2018 as reported by and now as of 5/2019 it's 4045. Why that's 22.8% fewer students in only eight months!!!

And then there's that 3% graduation rate. Not good.

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Your right!

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Wow, just under $100k for a degree from South, AiO was similar, about $92k for a BS, literally b...s... degree.

In some fields a grad with a hit portfolio could start at $30k, with a high end firm, most would start at $22k, above minimum wage in most states, but not worth the $92k tuition plus fees and supplies.

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Down clicking won't make the reality of the phony South University loan scheme go away. You're doing that for yourselves and the students through word of mouth have left and will continue to exit as evidenced by the recent numbers on college

So read 'em and weep fraudsters. Your time is almost up. Not sorry to see your money for nothing scam do the world a favor and croak.

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That's right fluff muffin. Just like your students.

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Your just Butt hurt because they are moving on....

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*These latest numbers from college scorecard represent a drop in enrollment at South University's loan scheme scam from a reported 5242 students in 11/2018 to 4045 students in 5/2019.

That's a whopping 22.8% attrition rate in just 8 months. Thank you Wall Street. Students Get out now! You've been lied to.

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