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Nordstrom is coming off of a terrible earnings release, which has tanked the stock and has the analyst community deeply pessimistic on the future of Nordstrom.

Overlooked in all of this is the great success of two critical initiatives in the corporate center: trans-friendly bathrooms and women in IT.

While Erik, Jamie, and Pete struggle to save the business founded by their great-grandfather, leaders within the organization are working on accommodating mentally-ill people in the workplace and hiring ... girls. Oh dear.

The people responsible for these initiatives need to be the very first canned in the upcoming layoffs.

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An online-only Nordstrom has hundreds of employees, not TENS of THOUSANDS.

$JWN 32-handle this morning, each day a new 52-week low.

Time to get rid of 1,800 overpaid software "engineers".

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You do realize that these programmers are writing all the code for our apps? You do realize the money is in online right? Also you you do realize retails slowing death? While I agree some salaries are on the unnecessary high end, Nordstrom needs to invest for the present and future, that’s technology. They already invested millions in more brick and mortar in New York which I think will fail.

Online is the present and future.

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That Blind link is a real gem, it shows the sickening sense of entitlement that the techies have these days, even while working for a deeply troubled business that is entering terminal decline.

But you kids deserve your RSUs! At a secure, 40-hour a week job.

I remember the first time I met a "data scientist". For some reason, she had been assigned to our team.

"So you're an analyst?"

"No, I'm a data scientist."

This was said with such overwhelming pride and arrogance, that this girl, who had probably taken some stats, maybe Python, and learned a couple of M-L tools (correlation engines, pattern matching, big deal), well, she was just so science-y and STEM. She was Michaelson AND Morely. A real giant. A scientist!

In my book, she's an analyst. Now go find some patterns in the data, see if you can add value somewhere. Do something. She is probably a director now, because female. And those RSUs.

My larger point now is that technology people extort from the real underlying business and extract much of its value, even though the frameworks and tools and techniques have advanced so much as to make work so much easier today.

Nordstrom should cut its Technology headcount to well below 1,000 and find a better use for the savings. Any "engineer" with total comp above $200K (already absurd) is insanely overpaid and should be shown the door.

You are clerks with keyboards.

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Read the Blind link above, and you will quickly see how utterly despicable tech people have become these days, with their demands for RSUs and salary base above $200K or even $300K.

PMs are making bank, too, now, it seems. In tech. Store department managers (legacy!) trying to eke out a few more dimes at $15/hr, but these heroes know Kafka or some Java and feel free to issue a list of demands.

The tech org is now parasitic; the apps have been built, the website, mobile, the loyalty program. Cloud and other technologies should be making the code easier to support and deploy. Why the need for fancy, pricy, spoiled people ("engineers"!) at this point?

Meanwhile, some directors have nothing real to do or deliver, so you get the t----- and Grrl power nonsense.

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This is insane. From a thread on Blind.

Nordstrom Technology organization has about 2,600 employees. I would say at least half of those people are engineers so about 1,300 engineers?


Approx 1800 are Engineers (including Prinicpal/Sr Principal)

What do 1800 people DO all day? Nordstrom has a space program now?

Swing the axe, Erik!

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