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I am won of the associates that were left behind. In the past when the company was looking to do a restructure/RIF they would reach out to senior associates to see if they were interested in early retirement with a severance package. I would have happily raised my hand. I have been with the company for over 35 years, I stared with Boise Cascade moved to Office Max then onto Office Depot. The internal customer=associate is no longer taken into consideration. All the company cares about is the external customer. The fact that we use associate from another country whose English is the 3rd language provide horrible customer service, I hear it every day. The lack of communication on who is no longer with us is ridiculous. We only find out by sending an email and being told via the system that the associate is no longer with us. I wish and pray I was in a position to leave.

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That is so true. I worked for Officedepot for many years before my job was outsourced. But now I work for a company that is just as bad. Replacing experienced people with people who can’t even speak English have no experience and we have to train them to take over our jobs.

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