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Micromanaged to the utmost degree

The issue here is "how great we are". So great we make our CEO an board of directors rich and continue to squeeze all we can from our members and employees.. Our employees are not important. They are replaceable. People in my dept are getting attacked every Friday by management so your whole weekend is just F.U. You live in fear every day of losing your job. You live in fear everyday that you talk to someone and that conversation is WATCHED and reported as a problem even if you are letting them know you took some of their work for them. Micromanaged to the utmost degree. Some employees are hourly paid Only because they got sued. SO how do they fix that? Make them do twice the work. THeirs and someone elses. ITs a racket.

Reposted from @ZgbEfHw-wea . Sadly thsi has become the new normal at Humana

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Yes the micromanagement is the worst I have experienced in my almost 20 years of nursing.

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Good post, it is a racket!

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