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So much fat to trim at Jefferies Financial Group

There are so many people (senior staff, to be more precise) at Jefferies who contribute little to nothing to our bottom line and yet they are paid the big bucks. There is a whole level that could be cut and we wouldn't feel it at all.

Of course, when it's time for layoffs they're the ones who are safe. Why? They should be the logical step if cost cutting and profit growing is really the main goal. But they never are.

Not that I'm surprised. We have been drifting without proper long-term focus for a long time now, and this would require some long-term thinking. No, our leadership is satisfied with things as they are right now - there is no ambition to actually achieve something better.

With leadership like this, no wonder morale among employees is down and keeps getting worse...

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It's always been that way at JEFF. They're staffing strategy is to replace full trading, systems or analyst teams by poaching other firms teams. Out with the old and in with the new. They have a thug management style with no creativity or even a brain. I tell anyone I know to stay away from working there unless you are desperate. It's a very toxic environment If you do work there, your tenure won't be very long as the only people they keep around year after year are the same tough guys - it's the people that actually do the work that get nicked. Morale was always a joke.

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