Thread regarding Allegis Group Inc. layoffs

There are ways to increase profits other than cost cutting

This would be a great company to work for if it weren't for two things.

Management is more focused on cost cutting than anything else - which ends up costing good people and good employees their jobs. It seems they believe the only way to increase profits is to cut costs - which more often than not means employees - when we all know that is not true.

It also leaves the rest of us with huge workloads, which is the second issue. There is no work/life balance here. I enjoy my work but I also enjoy spending time with my family, which I really do not get to do often enough due to work.

I truly hope something changes soon, or I might have to consider leaving on my own.

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Yeah.. the icing on the cake was that 4 weeks after laying off hundreds of people at their most vulnerable moments, they pledged to donate 10 million dollars to social justice causes. Nice, in theory, but would love for anyone to provide information on where that money went. My guess is -- no where. Just wanted to create a fa├žade of social justice ally ship, despite the very engrained ivy tower, OWM privilege's culture (employees literally are required to wear business suits when they visit the exec building and if you dont, you will be called out on the spot by the executives). Just sayin...

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