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Good luck trying to make some career progress at this company.

I’m a relatively young employee. To be more precise this my second job. So not exactly a college grad but not an old wolf either. Been working a Jeffries for almost 2 years now and my general perception is that this company doesn't appreciate anything that goes against their outdated ways of doing things even a little.

More Precisely, the people that I work with have been at the company for a long time and know each other very well. Anyone who is outside that group is being pushed aside, and not just in terms of opportunities for raises and promotions, but also in terms of being handed more important and meaningful assignments where one can show his skill, knowledge and devotion.

This is not just the case with me, there are more people that are in the same position as I’am. Good people, hard working people.I even got a friend in a different department that basically gets the same treatment. Until the buddy system and the double standards are wiped out, not to mention the old ways, this company will never thrive, much less be a good career choice.

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I wish I had read these opinions before I started working at JEFF. Ugghhh - it's a terrible culture. I am looking to move in the new year regardless of the bonus clawback. I'll gladly pay it back just to get out of there.

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I worked at JEFF a few years back as VP in technology. Same story; it is also a dog eat dog atmosphere. In 4 years there I could count on 1 hand the days I felt happy or satisfied. They also kept scaling back the benefits like the free lunch (I know big deal but yea), the 401K match was drastically reduced, vacation day policy changed to 20 days total (sick, personal, Vacation), bonus claw back (gross amount!!). Add to all this, a back stabbing culture and it was an unpleasant career choice for many people. I advise to pass this doghouse of old Drexel Burnham crooks.

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