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The good, bad and ugly

Let's face it -- the thread here on Google is sparse because it isn't laying people off with any regularity. However, that doesn't mean that everything is great.

The good...

Google was one of the first to recognize the importance and power of massive amounts of data and largely invented technology to deal with it at a scale previously considered impossible. With the massive amounts of data it holds, it has worked hard (not perfectly) to make it helpful and useful for everyone while maintaining a careful and secure posture that is worth end user's trust (unlike some other companies). It has an underlying culture of innovation and thinking outside of the box while encouraging collaboration. That has resulted in Google being a prestigious place to work and in drawing some of the best and brightest. Due to its success in the Ads business and the enormous amount of profit that has resulted, the facilities, perks and pay are top notch. Seriously, some of what is offered is amazing -- free food, onsite massages, car washes, barista stations, etc. with highly competitive pay, Google stock and excellent benefits.

The bad...

Google knows that it draws the best talent and uses it for its advantage. While having Google on your resume is a plus, there is a price to pay. Work/life balance is incredibly skewed at best as many fall into the trap of producing amazing work in the hope of gaining recognition and career advancement. Unfortunately, most will be graded as "currently meets expectations" during performance reviews and find that promotions are incredibly difficult to obtain. The result is that currently over 50% of Google's workforce leaves in under 2 years. Yes, Google is a churn and burn machine that chews through workers sanity, personal life and health to feed its own growth.

Financially, advertising is the vast majority of Google's business profit and this puts Google at risk, especially now that it has attracted competitors (e.g. Facebook and Amazon) and ads revenue/profit has been falling. As a result, Google is looking for another multi-billion dollar business to help diversify itself and that bet is currently largely focused on Cloud. In the rush to grow the business, executives from Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, etc. have been brought in, they are pulling in their own cronies and promotion from within has been shutdown. The culture of respect and innovation is quickly crumbling and being replaced by a hyper political, back stabbing, dog eat dog environment that feels very much like an Oracle or Microsoft.

The ugly...

Google isn't immune to the faults and failures of large corporations and left coast tech firms. In short, respect for others only goes as far as it is politically, financially or personally beneficial. Executives who have s-xually harassed others have walked out with massive payouts. Those who complain about harassment or retaliation are ignored or forced out. Political leanings of most are well left of center and that translates into various corporate positions that are stacked to benefit liberal/progressive causes and those who disagree can be bullied/shunned. Employees on both sides of the political spectrum leak information to the press for their own purposes which damages the company and has significantly impacted the openness and trust that used to exist internally. Recently, the Cloud division took the step of reducing base pay and stock benefits for existing employees. Unfortunately, while Google never wanted to become a conventional company, it has taken a hard turn in that direction over the past several years.


Outside of some specific business bets that didn't pan out as expected, Google hasn't needed to have layoffs. Whether that could change with the competition in the Ads business or based on the level of success the Cloud division achieves is a question that likely won't be answered for at least a couple of years. The only thing close to "layoffs" are the massive quantities who leave on their own within 2 years of starting.

Overall, Google offers great pay, perks and experience, but does have a downside. If you want to work there, just have your eyes wide open and make sure you take care of yourself/your career path because the company certainly isn't going to do it for you. For the majority, Google is a 2 year experience that can help line up the next step in your career.

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As long as Yahoo is in the tank (and tanking) and not improving their ability to attract more ad revenue, I believe Google will be fine for years to come. 50% is way too high for almost any firm not going through some type of bankruptcy or some major financial crisis that impacts the entire planet.

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"that's blunt b—s—"

Really? If you work for Google, you can check this yourself using internal tools (including how many have joined after you, how many are full time employees vs temps/vendor/contractor positions and a listing of who has left recently). It's pretty clear that while some stay for a long time, for the vast majority it is a short stop on the way to somewhere else.

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"over 50% of Google's workforce leaves in under 2 years"

that's blunt b—s—

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Ok bucktooth, way too much thinking, you better move your vehicle.

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