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Throwing away years of experience.

This is local enough that it probably won't appear in the media, but it's having a definite impact internally on morale. Two things are happening here:

1) The fulfillment division [basically everyone who works in the warehouse to get your order to you] just announced that about 85 leader and coordinator positions are being eliminated, and 8 new coordinators are being hired to do the same work. Nobody is losing their job (unless they're p-ss-d enough to "voluntarily separate" from the company, as it's diplomatically put), but the ones who are not hired or re-hired as coordinators - the existing ones have to re-apply for their own jobs - will most likely take a pay cut as they are bumped to a lower status. The day of the announcement I saw a bunch of leaders walking around looking like their dog just died.

2) As a result of softer sales than anticipated, the workforce is taking a hit. Operations are often down to 4 days a week, full-time staff are not getting their full 40 and part-time staff are being given drastically reduced hours. It makes it hard to put bread on the table with a rubric like that. And frontline supervisors responsible for filling 18 positions in a given area have to find ways to do the same work with 8 or 9 people, which means everyone is effectively doing twice the work for the same pay.

There's a common understanding in the Navy that the captain commands the ship, but the chiefs run the boat. What Bean is doing is akin to busting 85 E-7's and senior chiefs down to First Class, hiring 8 warrant officers to do the same work, and trimming your ship's complement by half. This is penny-wise and pound foolish, if you ask me. The effect on morale is going to be pretty devastating, and the effect on efficiency will be deleterious. And, you want your workers to unionize? Because this is how you get your workers to unionize.

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Just hired seasonally. I wish they paid better. Not going to fret about it, but with MW going up in 2020, you'd think they would pay a bit better as they don't have to pay some agency a cut to get workers.

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Contrary to your first line, I'm interested in learning more. Please email at [email protected]

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I love LL Bean stuff, but I'd say of the past 10 years, THE PRICES ARE TOO DARN HIGH.

That's a big clue. That's why sales are sales are down.

LL Bean is entering a death spiral. Higher prices, fewer sales.

I wish them well as they do sell good stuff.

Sorry for the effect on your colleagues.

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