Thread regarding Iron Mountain Inc. layoffs

This was not a good idea

K--ling most of the Iron Cloud services, immediately, for the.... 3rd? Time.

Totally cut Dell / EMC off at the knees without warning (most of Iron Cloud built on EMC gear), who had just gone all-in with IRM as their lead CSP, so they're p*ssed.

Dropping existing customers, those in process of being implemented holding a bag

Bad to have Dell / EMC as a competitor - which they now are after this

WORSE to have them p-ss-d at you, so that's a big problem going forward for customers who are both Dell / EMC and IRM customers (read: every enterprise) when Dell / EMC reps start pushing their customers to IBM and other IRM competitors.

Apparently IRM believes it can be relevant / leader in the "content delivery / analytics" game.

Good Luck with that.

Funny this hasn't hit Wall St yet...

Bumped into a thread for being on point - copied from @VTt9r6K-3vhbf.

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