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Channel Partners List Revisited: 20 Top SD-WAN Providers for 2019

This is not a market share list but instead the editors' own list (alphabetically sorted) with comments:

Windstream not included but VeloCloud is

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"When is Velocloud going to drop the hammer on Win."

I suspect Windstream will do anything it can to please Velocloud.

There is a provision within the bankruptcy law for the judge to approve payments on pre-petition claims (i.e., pre-bankruptcy) to creditors who are absolutely critical to the bankrupt company's ongoing survival. A secret list has been approved by the court with the blessing of the UCC (Unsecured Creditor Committee). (I'm not sure the UCC knows who's on it, just the total amount).

By comparison to the size of this bankruptcy, I don't think it's big - "just a few" million.

The list is secret not based on anything nefarious but rather to strengthen the debtors' hand in negotiations with vendors. Nobody wants word to get out as to who's on it or else there'd be a run on the bank.

Here's the judge's order:

A creditor objected (he wasn't on the list) and there was a hearing. You can see the judge's comments explaining the reasoning behind this sort of list:

Starts on page 70 of the document (pr page 67 of the transcript).

If Velocloud is as critical to Windstream as people say, I'm guessing they may be on that list.

Also, out of the several hundred unsecured creditors (mostly vendors), Velocloud is one of the 7 that's on the UCC. Here's the list:

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Channel Partners spewing their propaganda. I’m sure they’re number 1 next to Windstream. What if customers knew the truth about them. The don’t have any extra escalation power, can’t facilitate smooth turnups and most instances they provide a higher price to cover their commissions.

They call the same repair everyone else calls.

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When is Velocloud going to drop the hammer on Win.

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